highlightHER!™️ was founded by There She Go to inspire all women. We are all different and unique, but we connect through our struggles that our stories tell. highlightHER consists of brave women willing to tell their story in hopes to inspire another woman. We must remember, some of our biggest inspirations are not on the T.V. or billboards, they are all around us. There She Go!

MARCH HighlightHER!

This month we are highlighting Queen A’mesha Coles. I was connected to A’mesha through her group “Gaining Angels.” After hearing her story, watching her inspirational LIVEs and seeing how she interacts with each person in the group, I was truly inspired. Sometimes we can look at a person and see their beauty and positivity and not know all it took for them to be that. A’mesha stands for strength, positivity and togetherness. She finds the time to share her light, even after all she’s been through. I thank A’mesha for allowing TSG to interview her and being apart of our community. We support you Queen! THERE SHE GO!

1. Tell our readers a little about yourself. Who you are and what you represent?

My name is A’mesha Coles. I am a proud mommy of 2 kids and a angel baby in heaven! They are my greatest accomplishment! I also Am the founder of Gaining angels and an author of a book called Life After Death

2. Tell us about some of the biggest obstacles you have had to overcome and how you keep your mental health balanced through it all?

I’ve overcame homelessness, additions, PTSD, anxiety and trying to cope with the loss of my son. I keep balance by allowing myself to feel. If I’m happy, I’m ok to feel it. If I’m sad, I dont wear a mask. I allow my emotions to guide me ’til I feel something else. Never staying down for more than 12 hours. At some point we have to pick ourselves up and get back to it.

3. What does it mean to you to inspire others?

Be a light people can see and look up to. Being authentic and genuine. Allowing people to see the real you. Flaws and all.

4. You started a community “Gaining Angels”. Tell the readers more about what it means, what you have coming and how they can be involved.

It’s a platform I started for people to just post loved ones or angel relatives that they have lost. Post their feelings with no judgement so others can come and uplift them. No one wants to go through grief alone and sometimes it helps to have others that have experienced it. Gaining angels is a sacred and safe place. We do some type of event every 3 Months to gather and share stories, encourage and uplift. The next one will be in May 2020. We also wrote a book called Life After Death with some of the members of the group.

5. We talk a lot about self care and self love. What do they mean to you and what is some advice you have for women on the journey to loving themselves?

Self care and love is all about you. Your raw authentic self. Doing what you have to do to survive the moment. It’s not always about pampering yourself (which is always amazing) or taking that trip, but sometimes it’s just about finding the people and things that heal you mentally! If you need to call out and take that mental day that’s self love and self care. Never allow a man or woman to determine your self worth. If you don’t like something about yourself , change it. Don’t wait for someone to come along and pick you a part. Know who you are. Know your value and live your truth. That’s the best self care and love.

6. If you could change the world, what’s one change you would make?

I would Change that there’s no cure to cancer. I would change the justice system and I would change the fact that Veterans somehow end up homeless ( how is this even possible) and that there is poverty in the world.

7. What’s one verse or quote that you live by?

I can Do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!

8. What encouragement would you like to leave women with when it comes to chasing their goals?

If you have a dream or passion go after it, your the only “NO” in your way! Nothing is easy but if it’s in you to do it, do it. Forgive. Live. Laugh. Travel. Always encourage the next person it’s enough room at the table for us all to eat.. always keep God first in the center of everything you do. Pray that he orders your steps and directs your path!

A’Mesha Coles
A’Mesha with her Angel Baby ✨
There She Go!

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