Don’t let FEAR hold you back!

What we become scared of seems to grow as we become an adult. We are scared of messing up, making wrong decisions and probably one of the biggest, rejection. We allow fear to make us second guess ourselves! Think about it! You might have an issue right now with someone, but because of fear of their reaction, you haven’t approached it. You may have a huge idea that you would like to present at work, but because of fear of what they might say, you will never say a word. You might want to apply for a new job, but because of fear of being uncomfortable you stay where you are complacent. You may have a passion that you want to dive into, but because of fear of the obstacles, you set ya dreams aside. What are you scared of?

We become scared of things that haven’t even happened yet. We get so comfortable in our expectations, that we are scared to expect anything else. But what about, what we expect from ourselves? Do we allow our potential to be just that, what we could be? Or we do we become fearless in our pursuit of happiness? The first thing to understand is being scared, having fear of the unknown, is natural. Just like anything else in life it’s how we handle it that determines its power. EXCUSE OR MOTIVATOR!

This week I challenge you to do that thing, whatever it is, that you have been wanting to do but you haven’t because of fear. Apply for that job, start that business, go back to school, communicate!! Put yourself in the position to take that first step of conquering, whatever that looks like to you. Step out of your comfort zone! Let’s stop talking or dreaming about what we could be and actually be it! We can’t be “ALL IN” without what it takes to be “ALL IN”, the losses, the wins, the good and the bad! We can’t be scared of it, one step at a time we have to handle it! I’ll leave you with words from one of my favorites, “Hope and Fear cannot occupy the same space , invite one to stay.” -Maya Angelou



On Wednesday’s we highlightHER!👑

This week we are highlighting the lovely, Nastassia Cornett. I’ve known Nastassia for 6 years now. She has always treated me with genuine love and respect. She is an advocate for a positive and peaceful life. I love how secure she is in what she stands for. Nastassia’s story represents the FAITH that true change takes. I thank her for choosing to empower by opening up. THERE SHE GO!

“I was born and raised in Baltimore for most of my youth, though I’ve moved and lived in more places than I can even count. When I look back on my younger self, I see an innocent child that was scared, fighting to survive in unbearable circumstances; a child that craved to feel safe and loved. I never fully experienced that security as a child. My journey, like many others that I am deeply moved and inspired by, is one of great darkness. Graciously, I have accepted my tumultuous journey as the catalyst to this beautiful light I’m living and thriving in now.”

“I am the founder and owner of Promote Peace. Promote Peace is a Spiritual and Metaphysical shop filled with beautiful handmade crystal jewelry, crystals, gemstones and spiritual tools. I like to think of it as a sacred, safe place where you can feel and be expressive with all that you are and all that you are becoming. Within Promote Peace, I also offer intuitive life coaching and help others awaken to who they’ve always been and who they’re meant to be. This business has changed me. It’s changed my entire life. It has helped me create a beautiful life for my 2 year old daughter Eliana and I, and it continues to grow in ways that I have prayed and worked unbelievably hard for. I had no idea when the name Promote Peace came to me about 3 years ago that it was a profound reflection of my own life’s Journey. The more I grow and expand internally, the more it holds true.”

“I believe that each and every one of us has a story that needs to be told. And even though I believe this now, my personal story stayed locked away in my mind for the majority of my life, replaying over and over and over again. It molded my belief systems and ultimately shaped the very lining of how I perceived myself and the world around me.”

“In September of 2018, I decided to transform and shed every part of myself that was no longer serving me; every part that wasn’t bringing me the peace I knew I deserved and that wasn’t bringing me closer to my highest self. The memory of this exact moment is intrinsically interwoven within my mind. It was this very moment that catapulted the journey of me… back to ME.”

“With my one year old daughter held tightly in my arms, I vividly remember standing in my living room, staring right through my sliding glass patio door into a world that I felt completely disconnected from. I fully lost all feeling in my lower extremities. I fell right to my knees and became engulfed in the presence of deep surrender. Tears streaming down my face, voice shaking and body trembling, I screamed out loudly to My Higher Power for help: “God, please, please help me, please guide me, please show me the way!” I was ready. I couldn’t live this life anymore. I needed help. What I was doing was not working. My desire for peace and contentment had finally superseded my subconscious desire to continue living in pain and fear. I threw my hands up in the air and connected to a power greater than myself and within that moment I knew that my journey was about to get incredibly harder. If I could make it past this next hurdle, fiercely clenching onto my new found faith and personal power then I knew The Universe would acknowledge my strength, resilience and relentlessness and reward me beyond my wildest dreams.”

“From that moment forward, and not a second later, I started listening to that power that lies deep within each and every one of us — my intuition. I decided to trust her fully rather than when it was convenient for me, or just ignoring her altogether like I had been doing so comfortably for years.”

“I’ve found that on this journey of self-discovery, when you find yourself trying to create a new life, everything that requires healing will start rising to the surface. And when this happens, you are presented with two choices. Are you going to face it head on, or will you keep discrediting it to stay “safe”? The old me stayed safe for far too long. The new me, or shall I say the new version of me I was trying to embody, was willing to come face to face with every part of my shadow self in return for the life that I knew was patiently waiting for me. I was ready to change old patterns, old belief systems, old programmed conditioning that had been embedded within me since I was a child. I was ready to change myself on a cellular level. Quite honestly, I was ready to change beyond my own understanding, but I had faith and that is what kept me strong and grounded, allowing me to endure this process.”

“Fast forward ten months later. It is now June of 2019. I am completely amazed at who was underneath all of the pain, neglect, abuse and violence I had been living through since I was a small child and then later resurfacing in my adult years. I focused on myself these past 10 months more fully and intently than I had ever done in my life. My awareness to how I had ended up where I was began to surface and everything started to make sense and fall right into place. My experiences started to connect and I felt a wholehearted sense of peace and understanding for my life as a whole. Because of this belief within myself and this overpowering sensation of surrendering all control over my life, my business began to flourish…quickly! I found my power again. I got really clear and precise with what I wanted and began living in a constant state of abundance and gratitude for all of my experiences; the light and the dark. Even the ones that hadn’t happened yet that I was working towards manifesting. I began daily gratitude lists and started to maintain and keep healthy boundaries that I would have previously allowed myself to have been manipulated out of. I knew to receive this new life I could NOT continue playing games with it. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? I had consistently been making the changes and was finally reaping the rewards of my efforts!”

“I can tell you this with all certainty: If I had not been gifted my precious daughter, I would not be here living this life today. Becoming a mother ignited a flame and awakened a layer within me that was needed for this transformation to emerge. I know with every fiber in my being that everything that happens to us, happens FOR US so long as we shift our perspective and allow it to happen even if the message doesn’t come right away. I needed her. I needed that layer revealed to awaken a maternal power in me to fight for this next stage of life (which as of now has been the very best!) If I could give her a life and a childhood that she deserved, I would in return start to heal those deep wounded parts of my own inner child. When we heal, we heal our children and our children’s children. I was fine with sacrificing parts of myself in return for breaking cycles and generational curses.”

“I’ve lost a lot over the past year; a lot of people that I thought would be in my life forever, a lifestyle I used to crave because I thought it was what I needed to feel full and whole. But in return for those losses, I gained myself. What could be worth more than that?”


Beautifully Scarred!

I think we all can agree that our deepest insecurities come from places of brokenness! We cover up our scars, our stretch marks, our feelings and our hearts, in fear of being judged. We see appearance flaws as reasons why we aren’t beautiful or comparable. We cover up our feelings and our hearts to keep from being broken again. How do we grow from that though? How do we give love? How do we accept love? Most importantly, how do we love ourselves?

I have a noticeable scar under my nose that I’ve had since I was about 9 years old, from falling off my bike. My weight has been a constant up and down my entire life, so I have more stretch marks than I would like. I know all about being insecure when it comes to appearance. Having a scar on my face used to make me feel like I was less than. It’s a place of brokenness for me. I felt I had to wear certain make up or dress a certain way to be seen. My weight has always been a sore spot. I used to feel insecure in a bathing suit or in summer clothes and barely looked at myself without clothes at all!

Finding acceptance within myself and what made me, me, is what I had to do to gain my confidence. My scars, my stretch marks, they are apart of my story. I found strength in that, which led me to me finding beauty within myself.

As women, we most of the time get the shit end of the stick, when it comes to feelings and our hearts. Then, we are judged when we are bitches. But do we continue being the way people made us, and use constant hurt as an excuse? Or do we push through that? Those broken feelings, those broken hearts, they are invisible scars. Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there and definitely doesn’t mean we can’t feel them.

We are all broken in some way, over something, the key is to not get lost in it. We aren’t going to wake up tomorrow confident in our brokenness. Piece by piece we gotta put ourselves back together. Knowing that scar, that stretch mark, yes everyone can see it, but nobody can make you feel inferior of your own story. Remember that. Flaws make us unique. Uniqueness is what makes us beautiful.

Repairing our hearts and allowing ourselves to have feelings can de difficult. That type of brokenness takes time to heal. Remembering that it’s ok to feel hurt, but it’s also ok to come out of it. Each time we put a piece back together we get to know that side of ourselves again. We discover what love means to us and we are able to recognize when someone really wants to give it. That allows for growth and strength. That is beauty.

You don’t have to be vulnerable with the world, but you owe it to you, to be vulnerable with yourself. This week I challenge you to put back the pieces (we all have a few we haven’t dealt with yet). Learn to look through your brokenness, see your strength, see the beauty in you! We deserve to love ourselves, we deserve to be secure and we deserve to be beautiful, even if we are all, in some way broken! THERE SHE GO!


On Wednesday’s we highlightHER! 👑

This week we are highlighting the natural beauty Brittany Matamoros. Brittany and I went to the same high school and I’ve always admired her Grace. The way she carries herself in faith and always has been sure of herself enough, to do her own thing! Brittany owns her own hair studio “BeeYou Hair Studio,” where she specializes in natural hair. Brittany’s passion is ensuring other women see their natural beauty! She is a woman who empowers other women. THERE SHE GO!


For people who don’t know, tell us where you are from?

“I am originally from Seaford, DE. I was raised in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in Burton Village apartments. I moved back to Seaford when I was 13. I moved to Bear, DE almost 3 years ago.

I hear a lot of people who put slander on lower Delaware and even people who feel like they won’t grow here because the support isn’t there. Growing up and glowing up from here, what do you have to say to people with those mindsets?

“Lower Delaware is where my dream started. The support and love helped me to excel in the beauty industry. I was a traveling stylist for quite some time and even worked from home. In that time, going from home to home in lower Delaware, I was fed physically, and spiritually. Growing and glowing in lower Delaware taught me that this gift my hands were blessed with, was meant to touch lives and hearts of those who I came in contact with. Lower Delaware made me sweet and humble and pushed me to do more.

“I felt that I outgrew lower Delaware. I needed a bigger pot for my flower to blossom, so I uprooted and came to upper Delaware. The support from lower Delaware is what got me to where I am today. As a braider and then new stylist, lower Delaware gave me a chance. Although, I am now in upper Delaware, every move that I am making is to give back to lower Delaware. It was important for me to move away from lower Delaware to understand what I could give back to my community. People slander lower Delaware and move away. They learn new talents and skills and never bring them back to lower Delaware. If this alone changed, and people brought their gift, talents, and skills back to our youth, we could change the climate of lower Delaware.

How did you come into your passion of doing hair and most importantly, natural hair?

“I have been doing hair since about 9 years old. I was teased in elementary school because I wore afro puffs like Lady Rage. I was able to get away from that, but then Da Brat became very popular. My mother went from afro puffs to colorful rubber bands and twists. I decided that she was fired, and that I would do my own hair. So, in third grade I started braiding my hair. I would have different styles every week.”

“I gained my first client at 12. I braided hair in the apartments that I grew up in. When I moved back to Seaford, I would braid my older sister’s hair and continue to do my own. By the age of 15, people were noticing my work. We both worked at McDonalds in Georgetown, DE. She worked first window; I worked the second window. I did hair every day after school, and I would work McDonalds on the weekend. I loved braiding. It made me feel free, it made me feel purposeful. I was so amazed by the women who would sit in my chair. These weren’t any women. They were woman who had full time stylist who were always fresh and stylish.”

“One thing sat in my brain, being a full-time stylist no matter how much I loved it, it was not a real job. I lived with that mentality for years. I went to school for biology, medical technology, and then nursing. No matter how hard I tried, I just didn’t love it. When I got to nursing school, I failed out by two-tenths of a point because after class I stayed up all night to braid. Insert eye-roll here!! It then clicked, why not make my passion, my paycheck?!! I left nursing school and enrolled into hair school at Paul Mitchell The School- Delaware. Then at the age of 25, I finally felt like I knew for a fact what I was placed on this earth for. I was born to be a hair stylist. I graduated in 2015 with honors and never looked back.”

“Once I got into the beauty industry at the salon level, I realized that beauty was based on straight long hair, or a fierce short relaxed pixie cut. I was saddened that my curly fro was deemed unkept. I was even more disheartened that the beauty industry said that wearing make-up and having your nails done was considered a professional stylist ready to work. I was not the beauty industry’s idea of the “perfect” stylist. After 10 years of being relaxer- free, I relaxed and cut my hair. I had that fierce pixie and those cute nails. I wore that lip stain and I tried to at least apply mascara and eyeliner. Who was I kidding? That wasn’t me, so I cut all of my hair off and went back to who I knew I was. I thought to myself, how many other women have felt the pressure of fitting into what their careers, family, or spouse’s thought of their hair decisions. I cater to natural hair only.”

“There has been nothing more gratifying than freeing a woman from who she thought she needed to be. I teach my clients about natural hair. I show them how to keep it classy in corporate America without straight hair. I teach them how to do hair care at home. I give consultations to teenage girls who do not know how to manage their hair. I tell my little melanin babies how beautiful their natural hair is. I give mommies tips when they are exhausted of all options when it comes to caring for their natural-haired babies. Natural hair is a self-love journey that is so beautiful to encounter. It is so much more than curls, afros, twist outs, wash and goes, and finding a regimen. It is getting back to who you are.”

What are some of the obstacles you faced, going through school?

“Going through school was very difficult. I felt that my family came second a lot of the time. There was always a paper, or presentation due, so until I was complete with my assignment, I was not available. I always managed to make sure dinner was on the table, but I lived in front of a laptop. The hardest part of it all was when my daughter said that, this was not fair to her. Throughout school, I struggled with balancing family, school, and work. When I obtained my degree from Wilmington University, she said to me, “You never gave up, no matter how hard it got for you.” She told me she was proud, that made every obstacle worth it.”

All new business owners talk about the struggle of building clientele to branch out on their own; how were you able to build yours? 

I was able to build clientele and branch out on my own by becoming an integral stylist. I am honest with my clients about what their hair can support. I show clients how they can do certain treatments and services at home to save money. My heart is in this career, so I show a piece of my heart with each client that sits in my chair. People know when you are genuine. Because of that, I am trusted. I am trusted with matters of my clients’ hearts and their crown. I am consistent, faithful, and always willing to listen.”

I love the name BeeYou Hair Studio; how did you come up with that, what’s the meaning behind it?

“A cousin of mine came up with the name Be You. We were sitting in the salon where I was renting a chair and I was whining about how I just couldn’t think of a name. She said, “What about Be You?” I thought about it for a few months and decided that it was perfect after I added an additional E to “Be.” 

“Be- verb (RELATIONSHIP) used to connect two things or a thing with something that it has as a quality or condition

“Bee– the queen bee influences the mood of the hive with her pheromones and gives birth to many bees

“Bee You- be yourself, positively influence others, help others birth ideas and dreams, sow into others lives with encouraging words, prayers, and actions”

“I wanted my studio to be a place that you could truly come and be yourself. It is a one-on-one experience without gossip, judgement, or drama. It is a place where women, and children are able to feel comfortable in their skin.”

You spend a lot of time in making a lot of women feel beautiful; what are some things you do for yourself, self-love regimens?

“My self-love regimen includes unplugging from social media, people, places, and things so that I may do what I enjoy by myself. I’m naturally an introvert, so I enjoy time alone. In this alone time that I carve out for myself, I get pedicures, read, crochet, nap, or simply watch movies. I prepared my husband and daughter for the “me” that I have fought for. Sometimes you have to show people what your self-love/care looks like, so that they may respect it and encourage it. When I feel overwhelmed, I simply say I need a little time for myself and they make sure that I get it.

The road of self-discovery isn’t easy for any of us; what advice do you have for women who are struggling on the journey of finding self? 

“For anyone who is struggling on the journey of finding self, I suggest that person to find some time to their self. Pray and seek God to help you see yourself. Ask Him, to give you the tools to learn who you are now as a woman. Ask Him to show you who he desires you to be. If you have friends of faith, ask that they pray with you.

“Do not be afraid to seek professional help. Sometimes seeing yourself for who you are, hurts. You may not be strong enough to fight through the layers of defensive walls of hurt that you’ve built yourself. If your struggling on this journey, put your war clothes on and fight for yourself. If there is something or someone that is not serving you love and light, cut it off. Always remember that the journey of finding self is a marathon and not a race. With time, and life changes, we are always evolving as a woman. Don’t expect to be the same as you were last year. Give yourself grace to continue to grow and learn yourself throughout your self discovery.”

I’ve always known you to have strong faith; how do you remain strong in difficult situations?

“In difficult situations I remember how God has never failed me. I look at each hardship as a lesson that I must learn from in order to get to the next level. Once I overcome the difficult situation, I process it and hold onto the lessons that I have learned and make sure to encourage the next person who may experience the same difficult situation that I claimed victory over.

What advice do you have for women who want to be or working on being an entrepreneur?

“For women who want to be or working on being an entrepreneur, I say pray about what it is that you are looking to do and ask for guidance. I would also say, do your research. Research your target market, compare prices, products, and services with your competitors. Research the demographics in the area that you are looking to be an entrepreneur in. Shadow people who are veterans in the area that you are looking to get into. Go to Chamber of Commerce mixers in your area. Find networking events to meet and connect with people. When you reach a place of peace, share your thoughts with a trusted person and move forward.

What has inspired you the most in your life? 

“Love has inspired me most in life. I think about how God never gave up on me and made sure that he sent loving reminders along the way, that I would overcome it all. He gives me peace reassurance when I doubt myself. I think about my daughter always telling me how much she loves me and showing me how much she cares. I think about my husband and how his love has helped heal parts of my heart that I thought were irreparable. I think of all of the women over the years who poured love into me that kept me pushing forward. It was love that lifted me to this place of peace and happiness. It is love that inspires me to continue to spread natural hair love.”


Laugh More!

We are always talking about ways we could be better! Picking ourselves apart! I think this week it’s important to remember laughter and fun!

You know that feeling you get when you are out with your friends or family, laughing, sharing stories! We forget about anything that’s been troubling us. It’s almost like a sense of healing! It reminds us of the rainbow after every storm.

I know after a hard week, I can always vent to my friends and they always make me find something to laugh about. I cherish that! Or I come home to my family and they make me laugh at something random, it makes those bad day feelings go away.

Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time! It doesn’t always have to be about learning to love the things u don’t like about yourself. The journey is also about loving the things you already like about yourself. It’s about loving the people you already love and that love you!

Surround yourself with people, this week especially, that make you smile, that make you laugh, that make you forget about life’s troubles! Take a mental break from being hard on yourself!

Learning to find balance is hard when you have so many responsibilities; I’m still learning myself! This week I challenge you to laugh more! Find a reason to smile as you get through your challenges this week! Bring laughter to someone else who you may know that needs it! Life is so short, so let’s not forget to have a good time with good people. After all they say laughter is the best medicine! THERE SHE GO!


On Wednesday’s we HighlightHER 👑

This week we are showing love and appreciation to Samantha Allen. I don’t know Samantha personally, but we have been social media friends for some years now! We connected by simply just showing love! Over the years, I have watched her be a single mom and accomplish so much. Every obstacle, she overcame and is a great example to all of us, to never give up. As she said, “it does not matter how long it takes you to achieve your goal as long as you get there”! She is so transparent, that I have been truly inspired by her Heart and Determination! I thank Samantha for interviewing with us! THERE SHE GO!



Samantha Allen is a single mom from Millsboro DE. She has one daughter Kelis (9) and is raising her two nephews Jacob (14) Anthony (13).

What/Who in your life mean the most to you?

“In my life, my kids mean the most to me, along side of my career! Being the only involved parent that any of them have; I play an important role in being present, from homework, to sporting events, to award ceremonies.

What career are you in or working towards?

“I am currently a Registered Nurse enrolled at Wilmington University working towards my DNP in Pediatric Mental Health.

What inspired you to choose Nursing and now Pediatric Mental Health?

“I always knew I wanted to be a DNP! I just leaned towards my passion, which is cardiology. However, once I started dealing with Anthony’s multiple emotional disabilities, multiple stays at psychiatric facilities and seeing the lack of mental health resources for adolescents; I knew I wanted to make a change for the youth.

How do you balance mom life and student life and work life?

“I struggle balancing work life, mom life and student life honestly! It consists of many late nights and early mornings. There are no breaks, but I’m excited to finish. Multitasking seems to be a gift to me because I somehow just get it all done.

What’s the first wake up call you had in chasing your dreams and how did it change you?

“I think that growing up without the permanent presence of my parents was my wake up call. My mother struggles with addiction and my father was never ready to be a single father to a little girl, let alone a teenage girl. I was bounced around a lot with many less-than stable living conditions. I had to mature at an early age. I got my first job at 14 and learned to maintain and survive on my own.  I was irresponsible and got pregnant as a senior in high school. I knew that I did not want my daughter to grow up the way I had and that I had to break the cycle.

What inspired you to keep going during hard times in chasing your dreams?

“I think my inspiration has always come from what I lacked in life. We all have dreams of living in big houses or taking fancy trips; I wanted to succeed far more than I ever wanted to fail. I had a little person who solely depended on my success to fuel her fire, so that one day she would become a successful adult.”

Where did your inspiration come from in getting custody of your nephews?

“My nephews have had a less than fortunate upbringing, they’ve been placed in multiple foster homes, exposed to traumatic experiences and have just lacked stability. They were placed with a foster parent for an extended amount of time. They seemed settled and we had maintained a relationship when their emotional disabilities had gotten in the way of their placement. I unexpectedly received a phone call that changed my life with a decision that had to be decided on almost instantly. I knew I had to save them from the system and try to give them the stability that none of us had growing up.

How has stepping up in their life changed you?

“I think that this experience has changed me because I now know what true love is. My daughter had shown me that, but she was a responsibility that I created on my own and knew I had to protect. When I received the phone call, I knew without a doubt what had to be done, but at the end of the day, it was a choice. These boys have struggled with so much in their mere 13-14 years on this planet. People who were supposed to be there forever had given up on them, made them feel like less than a priority and let their addictions cloud their children’s lives. But when I see them, they look at me every day with pure love in their eyes. It has been the furthest thing from easy but seeing them happy, thriving and healthy has made it all worth it.

What advice do you have for single moms wanting to chase their dreams?

“The advice I have for single moms is to never give up. Strong women always have a way of making a way out of no way. There will always be barriers, it is how you overcome those barriers that define you.

What advice do you have for all women who want to give up?

“My advice for women is follow your dreams, take the job, sign up for the class. Education is something that no one can take from you and it does not matter how long it takes you to achieve your goal as long as you get there!

From the Soul

Change is difficult in any form, but especially internally, what I like to call from the soul out. I believe we all want to be better people in some way, but the work it takes to truly face our weaknesses has to be consistent, which Hell, is HARD!

Some of us may face distractions and disruptions of our peace, and we can either vibrate higher or we can humiliate ourselves on social media, at work, etc. I don’t know about y’all but I’ve humiliated myself a few times in the past over nonsense, at the end of the day.

Some of us may face holding on to anger, which no matter how hard we try, as long as we are holding on, will always defeat true change. We end up taking our anger out on the wrong people, which leads to an unwanted path of destruction.

Some of us may have habits that are hard to get rid of and I’m not talking about just drugs….cursing, sex, to just name a few. That may require us to change our surroundings, just as much as ourselves.

Some of us may have change right in front of us, but the fear of losing our comfortability, fear of the unknown, is holding us back from what we could be.

Some of us don’t even know ourselves, to even know what we need to change. So we start being what we see, being like someone else, everyone else, without ever knowing who we really are.

What change from the soul looks like to all of us, will look different, but we are all similar in the wanting of growth. True growth. Thinking before we speak. Not reacting at all. Learning how to communicate. Letting go. Changing our surroundings. Stop being scared. Get to know ourselves. All of this is so much easier said than done, but that’s why change has to be a true WANT from the soul.

We struggle with change because there’s no one to check us, but us! There’s not a handclap, there’s not a thousand likes or a million views. There’s just you faced with you. What “you”do you want to be faced with?

Finding true peace isn’t being complacent. Peace is knowing yourself, your weaknesses and being at peace with the work you have to put in daily, to show up every day as your best self. Even on bad days, peace is being able to wheel it back in to, “what did this teach me?”

This week I challenge you to write down what change means to you. Things you would like to stop, things you would like to be better at, things you would like to learn more about, something new you would like to try, things that bring you peace. I find writing things down gives me more of a visual, more of a seriousness, more of a meaning.

Give you a secret, my friends are I are huge “Being Mary Jane” fans, we love post it notes. We write daily mantras. Quotes, things as simple as “Be nice today” lol or even deeper “you are not what you been through” or “day 10 of no smoking, you got this,” read them every day. You would be surprised of the effect that it has on your energy and your mood. We have them on our mirrors, walls and doors. As we get through things we change them up!

The thing about change is it’s constant, that’s why it has to be a want from the soul. Constant evolving. Constant learning. The journey of self is never ending. What are some things you would like to change? What are you going to do about it? Remember the only handclap you need is your own. THERE SHE GO!