Reaching Out OVER Matching Energy!

This week is gonna get real ladies!!

Aren’t we all busy? Trying to make something better of ourselves? Whether it be working our asses off, studying our asses off, being moms, running our kids all over hell and creation, just living our lives to the best of our ability; we are busy! Then on top of all of that we have to deal with friends or family thinking we are acting different or being distant, so in return they begin acting funny until nobody is talking. Matching Energy.

We are all guilty of assuming someone has an issue because we haven’t talked to them in a while, especially in friendships. And far too often I hear women putting down the next woman because they are bettering themselves and that might come with a sacrifice of their social life. (“Oh she act like she don’t know nobody no more”) The audacity. The nerve of us. We preach we want women to be empowered and the second they are, we are throwing shade. (We love to throw shade don’t we ladies). And we Matching Energy based on nothing more than our own insecurities. Check Yourself.

With the world heavy on our hearts in these times, I think it’s important to also remember that you never know what a person is going through. We as women know we will put on a face and shut the world out, all at the same time, to avoid looking weak or being judged. Sometimes all we need is a real friend. A word of reassurance. A word of inspiration. Reach Out!

I read a quote on twitter and it said “Don’t Match energy, maintain yours so you can attract what aligns.” Think about it.

I’m a firm believer in you get what you give. If you feel the vibe is off with a friendship, say something. Maybe nothing is off, maybe it’s just our own insecurities talking to us. But maybe it’s the reach out a person needs. Either way it prevents us from throwing shade (which dilutes our substance) or being distant to a person who may need us.

We as women have to be better in aspects like these! We will never be able to fully come together and change the world’s respect for us if we don’t change how we respect each other! This weeks challenge is to Reach Out to a woman you haven’t spoken to in a while. Friend. Family. Reach Out! Show some love. Show some support. Be the example. Do your part! You never know who you may be helping! THERE SHE GO!

Me Time – Getting back to me!

Spending time alone shouldn’t be confused with a state of loneliness. It took me some time to realize that myself. We as women, spend so much time taking care of everyone else that we forget that we are important too. I have found that making time for me, has made me dig deep, recognize myself and really know myself again. Self Discovery.

When we think about making ourselves a priority we immediately feel guilty. We think of our responsibility to our children, our spouse and our families. Forgetting we can’t fully love or be there for anyone else unless we show up for ourselves. I love the quote “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” If we aren’t taking the time to love ourselves, how can we fully love others? Learning Balance.

It’s no science, when most of us get a new hair-do, or a new outfit, we feel amazing, we glow! For some of us it may be food (like me, lol) or a book, or a nice hot bath with 20 minutes of peace and quiet (also me)! “Me Time” is going to look and feel different to all of us, but the end result is we all become able to BREATHE! We are able to THINK! We are able to be our FULL selves. When we are able to think clearly and focus rather than react out of emotion or being overwhelmed, we are powerful!

When’s the last time you did something for the first time? When’s the last time you woke up and claimed a good day or positive attitude? When’s the last time you made time for you? This weeks challenge is getting back to you. Finding the time for you and being consistent in the fact that you deserve it! Let’s get back to us ladies!! THERE SHE GO!

Just Because She’s Winning Doesn’t Mean You Are Losing

In this era social media creates a constant competition between everyone, especially us women. Playing on our insecurities (Yes I went there), we begin comparing and end up slighting another woman who more than likely didn’t deserve it.

Women are naturally competitive and from my experience even more so than men, but why must we be competitive amongst each other? Now if you are trying to play some spades or uno or want to have a cook off, I’ll be ready to bust some ass. Lol. But I’m not referring to that type of competition.

I’m talking about when you can’t praise one woman without belittling another. I’m talking about not being able to look at another woman’s accomplishments without discrediting yourself or that woman. Insecurity. As much as we like to think with this “positive energy” and “self-love” trend that we all think so highly of ourselves. We all know that’s a bunch of bullshit (promised to keep it real). You can spread positivity to others and still go home and not like yourself. You can preach self love but do nothing at all to help yourself grow out of old habits. Women can graduate college and have babies and still deal with depression. Are you seeing how much we are all so much alike?

Social media allows us to see the surface of ones life. Hell we have all looked at someone’s pics, zoomed in, screenshot, laughed with our friends to prove to nobody but ourselves that they don’t deserve the life they are living, the clothes they are wearing. Etc. Comparison

Seeing another woman at the surface winning doesn’t mean you are losing or that you are less than.

You winning doesn’t mean you have the right to make anyone feel as though they are less than. Or pry on another woman’s insecurity to make yourself feel better.

I challenge you to bring up a win for a woman you and your group of friends know. Really hear the responses. Is another woman’s win who may seem greater brought up? Is another woman’s loss brought up? How many are genuinely happy? I challenge you to change the conversation amongst women about women. I challenge you to lead because that’s the only way we can come back TOGETHER AS WOMEN instead of the constant comparisons. It could start with anybody. Why not you? THERE SHE GO!