In order to grow we must be nourished. Nothing nourishes us more than knowledge. Keeping up on the latest health statistics, legit financial advice with She Budget$ and mental health awareness tips; we want all women to feel enlightened! Knowledge is power!


RESTING. As simple as getting rest seems, we all know how hard it can be. Exhaustion will overtake your thoughts, your body and your vision. When we are setting our goals and to do lists, we never schedule in rest, but we should start. We sacrifice rest to get everything else done. In reality, think about how good you felt the last time you were well rested. Why wouldn’t we want to approach as many days as we could with that feeling?

I challenge you all this month to schedule your rest each week. Whether it’s going to bed early, or clearing a morning of things to do, to sleep in, or making a good nap time. You will think clearer, you will make better decisions and your minds won’t be fogged by the pressure of exhaustion. Sometimes taking care of our mental health is simple. So let’s control what we can! REST QUEENS!


February is American Heart Health Month. Heart disease is the number 1 killer amongst us women, killing 1 in every 5 women. 1 in 16 women, 20 years or older have heart coronary disease. White women, Black women and Hispanic women are all equally at risk!

Smoking, obesity, unhealthy eating habits, high cholesterol, alcoholism, physical inactivity and diabetes are risk factors for heart disease. We have to make sure as women that we know our bodies. It’s not about having the perfect body, it’s about knowing our blood pressure, our cholesterol, making sure we exercise. Are we getting filthy drunk every night or are we having a drink to ease the day? Most importantly are we getting regular check ups? That is apart of self care and self love.

For more information around Heart Health, check out American Health Association


This month we are going to discuss credit repair. Credit means more than anything when you want to OWN valuable assets, such as homes, buildings, cars, etc.

What is credit really? Credit is to measure your ability to pay things back. Most of us don’t have large amounts of money sitting around to buy homes and cars out right. So in order to loan you money at the best interest rate possible, banks want to see that you are able to pay things back, and it won’t cost them money in the long run.

Pay the smaller things off first. The less items on your credit as unpaid the better. Work the items from small amounts to large amounts.

Pay everything on time. Never underestimate the value of paying things on or before their due date. If you pay car payments and house payments late, that’s less you are contributing to the principle of the loan, which is just going to take longer to pay off.

Sacrifice. From experience, it took me 2 years to repair my credit. I didn’t buy one piece of clothing for 2 years. I didn’t go on a trip for 2 years. I was determined and focused to get my credit where I needed it to be. It wasn’t easy. I was tired of eating the same things, wearing the same things. But 2 years later, my credit is A1, I’ve got the car of my dreams, money in my savings and I can do whatever I want. I would sacrifice 2 years again to live better the rest of my life.

Start the beginning of your new life today with better credit. Don’t be afraid to reach out to some of your mentors, to get you started. ✨