We all can become consumed by our thoughts. Especially in times like these. If we can’t organize and control our thoughts it will cause us to be overwhelmed and create unnecessary anxiety…believe me, I know.

My mind is my greatest asset and at times my biggest enemy. Learning to organize my thoughts is still an ongoing process, but the very first thing I did was separate the things I can control from the things I can’t.

The moment we can recognize the things out of our hands, even if they affect us, is the moment we stop letting those fears or stresses control us. We can’t control the weather, even if it does rain on our parade. We have to learn to dance in the rain, not try to stop it from raining.

Now, focusing on only the things we can control, we can organize. It’s like the brainstorming web, we used to do in school. Your mind being the center and the web being your thoughts.

Thoughts close to our spiritual guidance and family are priorities. We should always take the time to seize these thoughts and pray away any worries connected. We must never forget our core.

Thoughts close to our mental health and rest are also priorities. This may mean everything else after this point of the day gets pushed back…that’s okay! We cannot be fully present in our jobs, goals, friendships until we take care of ourselves.

Once we handle our priorities then we can break down our thoughts about friendships, bills and careers. Come up with a plan and set some goals. Because at this point our mind should be clear enough to set specific goals and plans. We are restored enough to be completely present for others.

When we organize our thoughts we realize how over saturated we allow our mind to be with things we can’t control. Whether it be the actions of others, the ways of the world or worries and stresses. How can we preach faith and worry and stress about what we already prayed about?

Organizing our thoughts is another form of facing ourselves on our Journey of growth. It will not be easy, it will take time. Be patient with yourself. But be accountable. Let’s get our thoughts organized because they ultimately control everything!


2 thoughts on “Organizing Our Thoughts! 🧠🌱✨

  1. An amazing way to organise our thoughts is to journal in a tabular format. You can have five columns – situation (what is about), dominant feelings (what is the key thing you feel), feelings (everything else you feel), thoughts (how you have perceived the situation and a detailed explanation for why you feel that way) and judgment (what do you plan to do now… action forward/how the feelings impact you). It also helps with calming any anxiety or overwhelming feelings that we might have.

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