Last week we talked about patience. We referenced patience to the process of caring for a plant or flower. We are going to dive even deeper this week.

There are many different flowers. Some need little water, some needs lots. Some grow better in the dark, while others grow better in the light. But no matter what they may take to grow, it doesn’t take the beauty away that the flower holds.

We should remember this as women, especially as we continue to build our self confidence on our journey. We shouldn’t feel devalued or intimated because we may need more sunlight than the next woman. Or maybe we need more quietness. Or maybe we need very little nourishment while the next woman needs a little more. It’s all about being confident in who we are meant to be and respecting who others are meant to be.

What our friends need to grow may look completely different than what we need. Doesn’t mean we can’t grow together, just means we must respect the uniqueness of each other’s blooming.

People have always told me I have a diverse group of friends, and that’s very true. We are all completely different, raised completely different, and need different nourishment to grow. What joins us? RESPECT and AMBITION. We all respect one another for who we are and we all have the ambition to grow, which keeps us growing together, even though all of our growth looks differently.

The key that we sometimes miss is the value the uniqueness among us brings. The different experiences we can learn from. The different knowledge we all possess. The fact that each person brings out something different in us. Those are things to be valued. Not judged.

Some of us choose to live loud and vibrant. While others of us choose to live subtle and private. Both lives are beautiful in their own right, we just have to be confident in whatever we choose.

We don’t have to judge as if a private life is the best, just the best for you. We don’t have to judge someone who doesn’t choose to expose every aspect of their life; being open is what works best for you.

At the end of the day, we are all trying to get the nourishment we need to grow to our best self. We must have the confidence to know when we look around, there won’t be another like us. We must have the respect to value the growth and uniqueness in our peers. Lastly, don’t be so caught up in the process that you forget to take a step back and enjoy the beauty of it all. There is so much unique beauty amongst us, let’s embrace it & nourish it, so it can continue to bloom!


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