Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. And we wonder why it’s so hard to master? We as women are emotional, so staying calm during the toughest of times seems almost impossible. But in reality what does getting angry or upset do? It may make us feel a sense of relief in the moment, but does it make the goal come any faster? Does it make time go by faster? NO!

Patience has been one of the hardest qualities to conquer in my journey of self discovery, as I’m sure many can relate. One of the biggest reasons is because social media has us searching for instant gratification. We see others winning, we plant our seeds of growth and become frustrated when we don’t see progress as quickly as we want. As the saying goes “the plant doesn’t grow the same day the seed is planted.” And did we ever stop to think that the frustration of impatience could be delaying our progress even more? Think About It!

I started to really learn patience when I started caring for my plants. I was watering my plants one day, bragging about how much it had grown and my brother in law said, “think about how special it would be if we treated ourselves, like we do plants and flowers.” That stuck with me.

Think about it! The time I took to water the plant every week, giving it the nourishment it needed to grow. The weeks it sat in the sunlight, but showed very little progress in growth. The excitement I experienced seeing its first sprout, but does that mean I stop nourishing the plant because I see a little progress, no. Keeping the same routine day in and day out, even on days the plant showed no progress at all. Until one day, I had to switch the pots because it had grown beyond the first one.

To me, the process of caring for my plants is what patience is all about. Its about planting your seeds. Nourishing them by doing the work and not giving up when you don’t see the progress you expect, not getting angry, just keep going. Before you know it, your goal will have blossomed, and the growth you experienced during the patience process will help you replant your goals to the next level.

We all get frustrated, we all get emotional, but lets not let those feelings rush us to incomplete goals, or accomplish things of less quality just to say they are done. Work with yourself and most importantly, have patience with yourself.


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