The truth about life is that things and people can both be outgrown. The journey of outgrowing is tough though. At what point do you say this isn’t for me anymore? At what point do you know I’ll talk to this person less and less? The truth is you don’t!

As we grow, we begin to learn more about ourselves. We begin careers and hobbies that shape us into who we are becoming. Sometimes the better version of us demands more, which makes less time for other things and people.

Immediately we feel guilt, especially when it comes to people. When we go months or even years without speaking or making plans with someone who used to be apart or our daily routine… it can be a heavy feeling. Outgrowing isn’t not talking to someone for a few days. That’s just life.

On the flip side, when we feel people pulling away we are immediately offended. Sometimes there could be underlying reasons. But I’m here to keep it real with you Queens. We are all out here trying to win. We can’t be the women we are meant to be and hate on the winner in another woman. If we feel offended that someone is busy growing and pouring into themselves, we should check ourselves.

The common misconception is that outgrowing means that the things and people have stood still. As the saying goes “life goes on.” As we are growing so are others, all on our own paths. Things we liked to do evolve overtime. It’s all a journey.

Outgrowing is apart of growth. We can’t be scared to separate from what we are used to, to become better. What that looks like can be different for all of us.

At the end of the day, you and anyone who truly loves you will want the best for you and will be right where they are supposed to be along your journey! Make your journey your own! Grow & Outgrow 🌱✨

There She Go!

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