It’s a wild time right now, probably the craziest time many of us have ever seen in our lifetime. The COVID 19 pandemic has literally brought us a “new normal.” Our kids are home from school and for many of us mothers that means we don’t have anyone to watch our kids or we are forced to run our households from our place of employment. Lets not even talk about homeschooling, while many of us still have to work. It truly can be the type of stress that causes us to scream.

Many of our fellow sisters are out of work and our entrepreneurs are losing business due to all the closings. Can you imagine trying to figure out how your family is going to eat or even if you will have a job after this idle time? On top of greediness in and out of the stores. People buying more than what is necessary for their personal needs, being rude, overpopulating the stores and not taking seriously social distancing. It almost feels like we will be living in this mode for much longer than we anticipated. THAT will definitely make you go INSANE.

We are all facing something different due to the result of this pandemic and I think that’s the first thing we all need to understand. Some of us are working putting ourselves on the front line, while some of us wish we could be receiving a check. Some of us get to work from home, while others of us are forced to risk our health for the sake of a paycheck. Whatever you are facing, don’t let anyone make you feel like your feelings aren’t adequate. But are we going to stay in our feelings, or are we going to find ways to stay sane through all of this insanity?

The serenity prayer tell us “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…” We say it, we share it, we repeat it, but it has come a time where we have to live it. We can’t control this pandemic, we can’t control what results from it. We can control how we choose to handle ourselves and what energy we decide to put out in the insanity.

Along with acceptance is finding our balance. Knowing that sitting in a dark house, not going outside for even a breath of fresh air is going to breed depression. The more depression breeds, the less cleaning, organization or homework we are willing to do. Don’t fall in the trap. Create your new normal, whatever works best for your mental health. Accept that however things were before the pandemic, this is not what they are now. It can be a hard reality pill to swallow, but being in tune with your reality is apart of staying sane.

Don’t be so serious all the time! This is a serious time, but becoming dissolved in the what ifs and fake news can just add to the deterioration of our mental health. Laughter is truly good for the soul. Play games with our kids, tell funny jokes, do something fun at home. Laughter is a positive sensation that can trigger the brain to overcome stress.

Lets not lose ourselves ladies in the insanity of things we can’t control. Lets feel all the feels, be honest with ourselves and lets leave it there. This is surely a strange time, but don’t let it distract you from what keeps you sane at the core.

There She Go!

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