Making mistakes are inevitable. No matter how perfect we try to be or how right we hope all of our decisions are, mistakes are going to happen. Sometimes the mistakes are small and other times they can be life changing. Both times they are meant to be learned from.

We chase this idea of perfection. We try to be perfect. We want the perfect partner. We want the perfect body. The perfect life. I could go on about all the things we all have wished were perfect at some point. The truth is, we have to accept that perfect doesn’t exist.

Living with imperfections can be hard to accept. We know the mistakes we made and sometimes those mistakes can make it harder for us to love ourselves. And we damn sure don’t think that someone else could love us if we expose that side to them. Hell, knowing or rather waiting to see what mistakes someone else has made that are a deal breaker can be just as scary.

Forgiving ourselves can be one of the toughest barriers on our road to self love and self discovery. We keep going. We try to forget about the mistakes we have made. Especially if nobody knows but us. But the question is, are we really growing pretending to ourselves? Or overlooking pieces of ourself that helped us grow?

Let’s own our mistakes. Instead of allowing them to own us! No matter how deep they may be. Think about why it’s a mistake. What could have been done differently? Let it change you. Let it criticize you. Let it make you feel uncomfortable. Most importantly let it teach you. Carry that lesson through the next stage of your life.

If we don’t own our mistakes. We will keep repeating them. We will never learn. If we keep looking at mistakes as a piece of ourself to overlook, we will keep missing the opportunity to grow. And growth ladies, is the only way we can become our full selves.


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