Meeting new people can be difficult because our generation has become accustomed to hiding behind social media. So holding actual conversations outside of our comfort zone seems more of a task than a reward.

Some of us may have gotten comfortable with our own views and our own opinions that we have shut out anything that makes us see beyond that.

For a lot of us we are deep. So we begin to restrict our networking capabilities in fear of lack of trust for others. We don’t want to let anyone in that close, but with networking we have to learn to set boundaries.

Holding new conversations are hard. Call me crazy but I practice in the mirror all the time. It’s more than about our words, it’s about our body language as well. When we are talking about the value of our business we want to have our shoulders back sitting or standing straight. This exudes confidence in our business and ourselves. We also want to be sure we never say “i don’t know.” We can always say “Ill get back to you on that” or “let me get your contact info to get back to you.” Don’t let your shyness hinder your business. And always remember, get personal on your time, until then keep it business.

Networking is about accepting that everyone may see and view things differently than we do. Being a finance guru, I have attended events and heard some opinions that are not necessarily my approach. Does it mean that I’m right and they are wrong? NO! It just means we have different ways to reach the same solution. There may be someone you meet doing the same exact business as you. Is that your competition or your craft sister? Someone you can bounce ideas off of and get advice when needed? Fearing competition will hinder our networking abilities. We have to be confident that what we bring to our table is ENOUGH and respect what other QUEENS are bringing to their table!

Some of us literally have been hurt by friends and women so deeply that networking and talking to other women may feel like an invitation for more of that. This is where boundaries must be set! Networking doesn’t mean we are out here looking for a best friend (although you could very well find one). It means we are promoting our business and being a great support system for another woman to promote hers. Everything doesn’t have to be so deep!

There is so much power behind women coming together. There is so much power behind respecting each other and valuing the uniqueness behind what everyone is bringing to their table. Some of us are loud, some of us are quiet. We are all different colors, sizes and could all believe total different things. But that’s our power!

I read a quote the other day about networking:


Let’s step up our networking ladies!