Sometimes we can look in the mirror and train our minds to think a certain way, but for a lot of us who suffer trauma deeply; thinking just isn’t enough. Ever since I watched Being Mary Jane, my life changed surrounding affirmations.

Writing goals out, positive statements, and physically seeing them and reading them daily creates a change in our mindset. It creates a new sense of self love.

We have gotten accustomed to not feeling beautiful unless someone deems us so. We have become accustomed to not feeling adequate unless the world tells us we are. Because of this need for gratification, our love for self suffers.

Mary Jane wrote affirmations, quotes and goals on post it notes and hung them all around her house. So no matter where she went, she had them to remind her of her value. This is a game changer!

Imagine living a life where others opinions don’t affect you. Ultimately how people feel about us is none of our business. It’s no shame in finding value in the opinions of others, but we can’t let those opinions define who we are.

If you are feeling less than yourself lately or you have a hard time seeing the positive in yourself or your life, try post it notes. Put them wherever you are comfortable. Bathroom. Bedroom. Laundry room. Kitchen.

Write down how you should see yourself. “I am beautiful.” “I’m a good mother.” “I will say no when I need to and not feel bad about it” Those are just a few examples of the endless things you could write.

Remember your worth. And if you have forgotten the definition of yourself, it’s okay to start today in redefining. Your opinion of yourself is the most important for your life, mental health and moving forward.


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