Often times we become so wrapped up in who we used to be and growing from that, that we forget to stop and look how far we have come.

That thing that used to trigger us, doesn’t trigger us anymore and if it does, we know how to handle it. Those feelings of insufficiency and those insecurities that once held us back from being free, no longer live within us.

Those goals that we set, no matter how long it took, we got them done. We put in the work. We sacrificed. We deserve to feel accomplished.

Remember those hard times we thought we couldn’t get through? We got through them! Look at us now, stronger than ever!

It’s not always about the press forward. Sometimes it’s about the pause. Being 10 toes down with no thought to movement. Appreciating where we came from and recognizing where we are at. No pressure. Just being.

We need these moments for our sanity, for our confidence and to get a clear vision of what’s next. Constant movement distracts us from the little things of the now. Constant movement makes us feel like we aren’t doing enough. When we have done so much for our growth already.

Be proud of how far you have come and love where you are at. In that you will find where you are going.


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