Relationships are hard work aren’t they? Sometimes it may seem that we focus so much on making the other person happy, that we lose ourself in that. Suddenly, the things we liked to do, we don’t do anymore, the people who made us laugh and happy, we see less and less. Instead of taking free time as an opportunity for growth, we take it as a moment to not miss a thing going on with the other person.

In this world of social media we become obsessed with who liked their photos, who commented. Whose photos they liked, who they are commenting on. We overthink. We read too much into things. And most of the time we begin looking so deep, we miss the obvious things right in front of us.

We lose ourselves. We forget the confidence we had before we met them. The confidence that attracted them to us. We weren’t worried about a like, a comment. We laughed and had fun. We were focused on our goals and pressing forward.

We lose ourselves. We forget about all the things that made us happy, too worried about making our person happy. That becomes harder to do when we aren’t happy within ourselves. Before we know it, we wake up and don’t even recognize ourself in the mirror.

Balance is so important in a relationship. In order to keep balance we must have trust. We can’t be with anyone who makes us second guess our goals or our happiness in general.

The most important part of any relationship is making sure that both people are able to be them. When we are able to be ourselves it allows us room to grow together. We can’t continue to pour into someone else’s happiness without it being reciprocated. We can’t forget our goals. We can’t forget our happiness or what it feels like to laugh with people we love.

Every relationship comes with sacrifice and compromise. But neither one should be YOU! Set your tone and be in a relationship that complements that. Anyone who takes YOU away from YOU is not meant for YOU!


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