In this society today, it’s easy to want to be like someone else whether it’s the attention they may get, the likes, the comments or the fact that we are in awe of their beauty. The hard part these days is standing strong in who we are because there is always someone trying to tell us how to be, how to look, how to live. As if we all aren’t imperfect.

We are all imperfect in one way or another. Some of us see our imperfections before we see our beauty and that we have to change. We can never be fully secure in who we are unless we accept our imperfections and change them or choose to see the beauty in the ones we can’t.

Let me just say we were not created to be identical. Each of us possess something unique, we create our own magic. Whether it’s our physical attributes or our personality or our thought process; we all give something different to the world. Putting all those differences together is like completing the puzzle. That’s how we become successful together as women.

So what if my body isn’t perfect. So what that I may not always be dressed to the 9. So what that I may not always know the right thing to say. I’m still me. I’m secure in that my intentions are pure, I’m comfortable in my own skin without the extra and I’m honest. That’s my beauty. We should all see ourselves as such.

When I was on my journey of loving me, all of me. I made notes to myself. I talked to myself. I wrote in a journal. I began to realize that everything that made me less perfect, made me beautiful. My scars that showed what I’ve overcome. My body which shows my joy of motherhood. My vibrant personality that’s never been too much for the people who love me. Thats my beauty.

What are some imperfections that you see when you look at yourself? Are they blinding you from your beauty or do they make you embrace your beauty? How do you love your imperfections? What do you do everyday to recognize your beauty and love on you? Make some notes. Write some positive affirmations. Start your journey. Who has time to be perfect? The only time we have is to be who we are and love it.


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