There have been people who have wronged us and hurt us in unimaginable ways. The type of hurt that changes us. We all can remember a time when we were softer and not so guarded.

It isn’t until we reach the other side of that hurt that we begin to look at what it taught us. In fear of being hurt again we shut down. We don’t let anyone close to us, because we are scared that if we open that door that we will come face to face with the person that hurt us.

Holding on to that hurt hinders us from our growth. Naturally, it takes time to get over any type of hurt placed on us by other people. It’s hard to forgive because we forget that forgiveness is for us, not for them. We have to remember that we are worth letting that pain go.

When people hurt us, they know, whether they care to admit that or not. That is something they have to carry, not us. Let’s stop carrying around unnecessary baggage.

Although we will never be the same person after hurt, we can be better. We can wake up every day and give ourselves the opportunity to be happy. As women, we see and feel everything deeply. To be honest, every interaction isn’t meant to be felt within that context. As hard as they may be for us.

For example, a man complimenting us may just be the reminder we need that we still got it; not an invitation to another heartbreak. Someone getting to know us may grow into a deep friendship rather than a marriage.

When we carry around hurt, we carry around the pretense that everyone is full of shit. Rather than enjoying new interactions. Let’s stop letting hurt get in the way of what we are worth. We are worth happiness. We are worth love. We deserve new interactions, no matter how small they may be.

Let’s embrace the new us after the pain. Keep the lessons the pain taught us close and LIVE OUR LIFE QUEENS! You are worth letting go of your pain!


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