Its a new year ladies, hell a new decade! One thing we are done tolerating this year is being judged, first by each other and second by the rest of the world! If a woman has a hard time opening up to people or sets boundaries for herself that she doesn’t allow to be crossed, she’s a bitch. If a woman is single, enjoying her life, dating different men unapologetically, she is considered a hoe.

Who are we to “label” anyone? We have gotten caught up in a world of telling everyone how they “should” be. In the past, men disrespected us by calling us names and reminding us of our place in this world. White women, black women, we were all expected to not live beyond our placement. We were called out of our name for centuries if we chose to do so. So why do we do it to each other?

We are all different. We have to learn to respect the differences in each of us. More importantly, there is always a “why” behind someone’s character. Just because I don’t eat pork, and another woman does, doesn’t make me better. Just because some women prefer being single over being married doesn’t mean they are missing anything. Just because some women are more reserved with their conversations doesn’t mean they cant be kind. Just because we feel it and we think it doesn’t make it superior to the next woman.

There are single women who are reluctant to date because they think dating multiple men in search of the right man is being a HOE! They allow the fear of being judged keep them from living how they want. I know women, including myself who haven’t always been the best conversationalist. We are confident in our world and because we aren’t walking around grinning from ear to ear, we can be prejudged as a bitch. I know for a fact, these are some of the realest, kindest women we will ever encounter.

So what can we do? We can allow women to be whoever the hell they want to be. It isn’t our job to judge another woman, its our job to empower her to her best self. Empowerment isn’t telling people to live how you want them to, its encouraging others to see themselves in a better light, and being what they view as the best. We are all women, uniquely made, respect that and realize that not everything is warranted your opinion. In the words of the one and only Queen Latifah “You gotta let him know….you ain’t a bitch or hoe!”

There She Go!

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