Bad days are apart of growth too!

Being perfect is a goal we will never reach, that’s why it’s important to be on a journey of happiness and not perfection. I know sometimes we get mad at ourselves when we get down, or when we react to things we shouldn’t, or say things we shouldn’t. But that’s apart of growing.

I know I have days that are up and down. I try my best to wheel my bad days in, but sometimes I have to accept that I’ve just had a bad day. Temper, Attitude, Pride; I think we all battle those in some way. Having to react to every critic. Giving off negative energy because of our own shit. And the big one, the need to be right.

Sometimes no matter what we do, we have times when we snap. We’ve had enough. Then, we get down on ourselves and we begin to question our growth. And we all know when we think we aren’t growing from the soul like we should we become negative and dark.

We have to accept that we are going to have bad days. We forgive ourselves and we move on to a better day tomorrow. The key is to learn from it. Why did I snap? Are there things I’m not communicating? Do I need to find a way to release my anger constructively? Why do I feel the need to always be right?

There’s no need to think less of ourself or value ourself less because of a bad day! We have to learn to see ourselves for who we are, hold ourselves accountable and grow from there. Be conscious in being better so our bad days become farther and farther apart. Still not perfect, but better. And that’s what we all want to be essentially, better than who we were yesterday. Realize that just like happiness, growth is a journey. Every new level will require new growth. Let’s make it our business to stop requiring perfection from ourselves and getting down when it’s not happening. Let’s just wake up everyday requiring better, even if it is a bad day! THERE SHE GO!

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