Life After Heartbreak

I think heartbreak is one of the hardest things to come to grips with. I think more than anything we as women start to question ourselves. Are we not good enough, pretty enough, exciting enough, are we making the right decisions? These thoughts affect how we see ourselves and it takes real emotional work to overcome it.

Heartbreak could be the result of being incompatible, constant disappointment and infidelity. Being incompatible is hard to accept. We put our whole selves into a person only to find out our paths differ in a way that ends the relationship. This can make us question our path, and sometimes, from my experience, we tend to deviate from our purpose to prolong the heartbreak. Sometimes I think it’s harder to accept because on the surface we look at heartbreak as if someone has done something wrong. When that isn’t always the case.

Constant disappointment is when promises are being constantly broken, they aren’t showing up, it becomes a one way relationship. We give chance after chance. We love to give chances don’t we ladies. Lol. Only for them not to change. That’s the heartbreak. Often we see people, especially someone we love, for what they could be and not for who they are. Sometimes the heartbreak lies in the courage to say I’m worth more; and sometimes that hurts!

Infidelity…whew! I don’t think anything makes us question ourselves as a woman more than our partner dealing with someone else! That’s the type of heartbreak that is crushing. I think it’s important to remember that someone else’s decisions aren’t your fault! Trusting someone else is what takes the real work. That heartbreak will forever carry trust issues into every relationship unless we take the steps to remember we are ENOUGH!

Heartbreak is delicate and life after heartbreak is vulnerable. We have to keep in mind that going through the emotions is imperative to overcoming it. It’s okay to be mad. To be sad. To have good days. To have bad days. The key is to keep going. Get to know yourself again, be confident in your decisions, remember your worth and most importantly remember you are ENOUGH! Life after heartbreak won’t be easy, but it’s about getting back to you. We have to find strength in ourselves and confidence in who we are. Don’t be afraid to do the work. A piece of your new life is waiting for you after every step. THERE SHE GO!

3 thoughts on “Life After Heartbreak”

  1. I read this and tears formed in my eyes. Especially because I once was cheated on and for what seemed like a lifetime I dealt with feelings of inadequacy! But I remind myself I am MORE THAN ENOUGH!

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