On Wednesday’s we highlightHER 👑

This week we are highlighting Bianca Stevenson. She was nominated because other women admire her drive, hustle and positive energy. She stands for living fearless and stepping out on faith. Bianca shares a piece of her story and how at an early age she learned the value of life. She talks about the power of moving forward to be who you want to be and who you know you can be. I thank Bianca for opening up and being honest! THERE SHE GO!

“My name is Bianca. I was raised on a farm in Maryland ! I’m 26 years old with no kids but I do wish to have some in the future. At a young age my parents split up due to abuse, so my brother and I were raised by my wonderful mother Tammy with the help of my grandparents. Until she met my amazing step father Alfred, who has been in my life every since!”

“My biological father disowned us and still to this day I have no relationship with him by his choice! It really affected me as a young woman growing up craving that relationship from a father and wanting to be a daddy’s girl, but I’ve overcome the rejection and I understand God did it for protection.”

“At the age of 6 I faced death. I overdosed on 8 muscle relaxers that were at a friend of the families. I had to be rushed to the hospital, then flew to John Hopkins Hospital to have my stomach pumped, where they stated I was minutes from dying . I’m not sure why this happened but it did. BUT GOD had another plan for my life.”

“I attended and graduated from Laurel Senior High School In Laurel De. Then attended Delaware Tech In Georgetown Delaware. Where I ended up dropping out of school due to the challenges of balancing school and work and with bills coming in I chose work. But last March I decided I was ready for more and wanted to continue my career in criminal justice and I applied to wicomico county detention center for a correctional position out of faith!”

“In August I received the call that I had an interview and from there I received the job! In February I began the correctional academy, all paid for through the county. After 8 weeks of boot camp style training, I graduated the academy and now I am certified in the state of Maryland! I plan on returning to school to pursue a parole and probation officer this fall, if God’s willing!”

“Growing up I faced many challenges that made me who I am today and that’s why I push to be great! I’ve conquered depression , mental abuse , anxiety , rejection , molestation , Etc …. and I walk today in dignity, and pride, with my head held high knowing who I am! In all things GOD is number one ☝🏽I attend church at Agape Community Center as much as I can under Apostle and Pastor Smack💗

“If there’s anything I will say to encourage people today it would be to continue to grow in life 🌹 Never allow what you been through in life to dictate where you go in life. Never put yourself in a place where you’re comfortable and not wanting more . We all have it in us to be anything and do anything we want to do !! Never let complacency sink in and that’s in everything, in all aspects of life. Life is what you make it and I encourage all to do more and do what makes you happy 💕


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