On Wednesday’s we highlightHER 👑

This week we are highlighting the lovely, Angie Bivens. I do not know Angie personally, but she has been nominated by multiple women for her positive, contagious attitude and her work in the community. She gives encouragement about uniqueness and unity amongst woman. “I try to encourage other women because I believe we are all indirectly a reflection of each other. Therefore, the advancement or growth of one woman can impact many more women.” THERE SHE GO!

Read more from our interview below:

1.   Tell us where you are from and a little about what makes you Angie?

“ I was born in Baltimore and raised on the Eastern Shore after my parents’ divorce. I embrace that I am a unique person. Every life experience and decision has made me who I am. I also realized last year that I am still growing and maturing. The “Angie” you speak to now has a refreshed view on life that “Angie” 5 years ago didn’t because I am learning something new everyday. My roles include daughter, mom, wife, hard-worker and thermostat (I can change an environment).”

2.   If you could use one word to describe yourself what would it be and why?

“The main word people use to describe me is “animated”. I always seem to put on a show even when I don’t mean to. My fun and upbeat nature is my favorite quality about myself and plays a huge role in my sanity.”

3.   What’s your passion in life?

“My passion is to leave a mark on this world. I do that by helping people. I volunteer with teen girls in my spare time and assist income eligible families through my employment. Even when I want to do for myself, I feel a drive to help others the way others helped me in my times of need.”

4.   Women have nominated you because you are encouraging and always out there willing to help someone else! Where do you get the inspiration to give so much of yourself to others?

“I have experienced caring for a severely ill infant, domestic abuse (verbal & physical), homelessness, depression, attempted suicide, and the loss of a parent. While anyone of these traumas would discourage a person, each event became a driving force for me. Despite having a small circle of family and friends, these were the loneliest times of my life and it taught me to encourage myself and push till I see change. That mindset was so powerful I constantly try to share it with others. I believe someone inspired me so I am MANDATED to inspire others.”

5.   How do you keep from stretching yourself thin, do you ever say no?

“This is probably one of my weaknesses. My children have even commented on how my drive to do more has driven me ill before. That was an eye opener that I must take care of me to best help others. Once a week I separate Me-Time. It could be as minor as a trip to the store (love retail therapy) or a full body massage. During this time my phone is off and I do my best to only think of myself. This also means there are times when I have to schedule this time and say no to other people or events. I usually weigh out the events or tasks I take on to determine if it will yield better results than what I will need to give out (ie time, money or travel). I also review the motives of the event host and myself if I accept. Most importantly when I say no, I mean no.”

6.   In this world of social media, comparison and competition is at an all time high among us women. How do you stand firm in your encouragement?

“Women should often be reminded that we are ALL gifted with strengths and power. It comes at different levels and times in life but no matter how or when a woman begins to exhibit strength, this should be supported by all women. As a woman, we are all part of a unique club with similar struggles and victories that men can’t understand fully. We should be cheerleaders for one another to better us. Unfortunately, the media promotes women to keep a crab-like mentality for their own financial benefit. I try to encourage other women because I believe we are all indirectly a reflection of each other. Therefore, the advancement or growth of one woman can impact many more women.”

7.   How do you push through tough days, tough moments? How do you find the positivity in it?

“When I have tough days/moments, I take it moment by moment and remember to breathe. No matter how bad a situation may seem I remind myself that it will change and I am the only one that can change it. I am also very realistic with myself, meaning I am honest with myself and try to make all my goals realistic because small goals push you towards big goals and big goals change your situation.”

8.   TSG! is about women coming together. Loving our individuality together. What advice do you have for women in being their authentic selves?

“I feel like each woman is not different, they are unique. Unique means “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else”. While each woman is still a woman (same kind), every woman’s personality is unique (unlike anything else) and brings a new perspective. Each woman faces similar struggles and pains but each woman has a unique way of handling it. Meaning we should not try to be copy cats but uplift our uniqueness. I remind myself, God made me this way for a reason. Some will like it and some will not but if I am happy and I can make God smile, that is what matters.”

9.   What has inspired you the most in your life?

“My greatest inspiration are my children. I was tasked to be their mother and female guide in life. By inspiring and pushing them to be great it has made me step up. I like the phrase that “they do as I do, not as a I say” so I have to show them who they can be through my life. I’m very honest with my daughters. If I fall I explain why and if I succeeed I explain how. They are a better reflection than a mirror and if I can inspire them, I feel like I can inspire anyone. I am a mother of 4 beautiful daughters, ages 6, 12, 16, and 20. At the tender age of 35, I truly feel like I have lived in fast forward since high school but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

10.   It can be difficult to keep strong faith through the ups and downs. What encouragement can you give to other women?

“My faith is my foundation. Its always available and it is the one thing in my life that has never changed. I can’t explain my faith other than to say it is my relationship with God. Relationships are as different as people so I don’t let others judge my faith. I believe God is available to everyone (especially me) and His love provides a security that no person can give me. My encouragement for other women is to seek God for yourself and hold your faith no matter what. Many religions involve practices that will hinder or shy people away from God because of their “imperfections” but I know God works with the most imperfect to perfect them. We just have to have some measure of faith and God will work on the rest.”


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