Don’t let FEAR hold you back!

What we become scared of seems to grow as we become an adult. We are scared of messing up, making wrong decisions and probably one of the biggest, rejection. We allow fear to make us second guess ourselves! Think about it! You might have an issue right now with someone, but because of fear of their reaction, you haven’t approached it. You may have a huge idea that you would like to present at work, but because of fear of what they might say, you will never say a word. You might want to apply for a new job, but because of fear of being uncomfortable you stay where you are complacent. You may have a passion that you want to dive into, but because of fear of the obstacles, you set ya dreams aside. What are you scared of?

We become scared of things that haven’t even happened yet. We get so comfortable in our expectations, that we are scared to expect anything else. But what about, what we expect from ourselves? Do we allow our potential to be just that, what we could be? Or we do we become fearless in our pursuit of happiness? The first thing to understand is being scared, having fear of the unknown, is natural. Just like anything else in life it’s how we handle it that determines its power. EXCUSE OR MOTIVATOR!

This week I challenge you to do that thing, whatever it is, that you have been wanting to do but you haven’t because of fear. Apply for that job, start that business, go back to school, communicate!! Put yourself in the position to take that first step of conquering, whatever that looks like to you. Step out of your comfort zone! Let’s stop talking or dreaming about what we could be and actually be it! We can’t be “ALL IN” without what it takes to be “ALL IN”, the losses, the wins, the good and the bad! We can’t be scared of it, one step at a time we have to handle it! I’ll leave you with words from one of my favorites, “Hope and Fear cannot occupy the same space , invite one to stay.” -Maya Angelou


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