On Wednesday’s we highlightHER!👑

This week we are highlighting the lovely, Nastassia Cornett. I’ve known Nastassia for 6 years now. She has always treated me with genuine love and respect. She is an advocate for a positive and peaceful life. I love how secure she is in what she stands for. Nastassia’s story represents the FAITH that true change takes. I thank her for choosing to empower by opening up. THERE SHE GO!

“I was born and raised in Baltimore for most of my youth, though I’ve moved and lived in more places than I can even count. When I look back on my younger self, I see an innocent child that was scared, fighting to survive in unbearable circumstances; a child that craved to feel safe and loved. I never fully experienced that security as a child. My journey, like many others that I am deeply moved and inspired by, is one of great darkness. Graciously, I have accepted my tumultuous journey as the catalyst to this beautiful light I’m living and thriving in now.”

“I am the founder and owner of Promote Peace. Promote Peace is a Spiritual and Metaphysical shop filled with beautiful handmade crystal jewelry, crystals, gemstones and spiritual tools. I like to think of it as a sacred, safe place where you can feel and be expressive with all that you are and all that you are becoming. Within Promote Peace, I also offer intuitive life coaching and help others awaken to who they’ve always been and who they’re meant to be. This business has changed me. It’s changed my entire life. It has helped me create a beautiful life for my 2 year old daughter Eliana and I, and it continues to grow in ways that I have prayed and worked unbelievably hard for. I had no idea when the name Promote Peace came to me about 3 years ago that it was a profound reflection of my own life’s Journey. The more I grow and expand internally, the more it holds true.”

“I believe that each and every one of us has a story that needs to be told. And even though I believe this now, my personal story stayed locked away in my mind for the majority of my life, replaying over and over and over again. It molded my belief systems and ultimately shaped the very lining of how I perceived myself and the world around me.”

“In September of 2018, I decided to transform and shed every part of myself that was no longer serving me; every part that wasn’t bringing me the peace I knew I deserved and that wasn’t bringing me closer to my highest self. The memory of this exact moment is intrinsically interwoven within my mind. It was this very moment that catapulted the journey of me… back to ME.”

“With my one year old daughter held tightly in my arms, I vividly remember standing in my living room, staring right through my sliding glass patio door into a world that I felt completely disconnected from. I fully lost all feeling in my lower extremities. I fell right to my knees and became engulfed in the presence of deep surrender. Tears streaming down my face, voice shaking and body trembling, I screamed out loudly to My Higher Power for help: “God, please, please help me, please guide me, please show me the way!” I was ready. I couldn’t live this life anymore. I needed help. What I was doing was not working. My desire for peace and contentment had finally superseded my subconscious desire to continue living in pain and fear. I threw my hands up in the air and connected to a power greater than myself and within that moment I knew that my journey was about to get incredibly harder. If I could make it past this next hurdle, fiercely clenching onto my new found faith and personal power then I knew The Universe would acknowledge my strength, resilience and relentlessness and reward me beyond my wildest dreams.”

“From that moment forward, and not a second later, I started listening to that power that lies deep within each and every one of us — my intuition. I decided to trust her fully rather than when it was convenient for me, or just ignoring her altogether like I had been doing so comfortably for years.”

“I’ve found that on this journey of self-discovery, when you find yourself trying to create a new life, everything that requires healing will start rising to the surface. And when this happens, you are presented with two choices. Are you going to face it head on, or will you keep discrediting it to stay “safe”? The old me stayed safe for far too long. The new me, or shall I say the new version of me I was trying to embody, was willing to come face to face with every part of my shadow self in return for the life that I knew was patiently waiting for me. I was ready to change old patterns, old belief systems, old programmed conditioning that had been embedded within me since I was a child. I was ready to change myself on a cellular level. Quite honestly, I was ready to change beyond my own understanding, but I had faith and that is what kept me strong and grounded, allowing me to endure this process.”

“Fast forward ten months later. It is now June of 2019. I am completely amazed at who was underneath all of the pain, neglect, abuse and violence I had been living through since I was a small child and then later resurfacing in my adult years. I focused on myself these past 10 months more fully and intently than I had ever done in my life. My awareness to how I had ended up where I was began to surface and everything started to make sense and fall right into place. My experiences started to connect and I felt a wholehearted sense of peace and understanding for my life as a whole. Because of this belief within myself and this overpowering sensation of surrendering all control over my life, my business began to flourish…quickly! I found my power again. I got really clear and precise with what I wanted and began living in a constant state of abundance and gratitude for all of my experiences; the light and the dark. Even the ones that hadn’t happened yet that I was working towards manifesting. I began daily gratitude lists and started to maintain and keep healthy boundaries that I would have previously allowed myself to have been manipulated out of. I knew to receive this new life I could NOT continue playing games with it. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? I had consistently been making the changes and was finally reaping the rewards of my efforts!”

“I can tell you this with all certainty: If I had not been gifted my precious daughter, I would not be here living this life today. Becoming a mother ignited a flame and awakened a layer within me that was needed for this transformation to emerge. I know with every fiber in my being that everything that happens to us, happens FOR US so long as we shift our perspective and allow it to happen even if the message doesn’t come right away. I needed her. I needed that layer revealed to awaken a maternal power in me to fight for this next stage of life (which as of now has been the very best!) If I could give her a life and a childhood that she deserved, I would in return start to heal those deep wounded parts of my own inner child. When we heal, we heal our children and our children’s children. I was fine with sacrificing parts of myself in return for breaking cycles and generational curses.”

“I’ve lost a lot over the past year; a lot of people that I thought would be in my life forever, a lifestyle I used to crave because I thought it was what I needed to feel full and whole. But in return for those losses, I gained myself. What could be worth more than that?”


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  1. You are simple amazing Nastassia❤️ Thank you for sharing your truth & I’m proud to call you one of my lifers. Love you soul sista✨


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