Beautifully Scarred!

I think we all can agree that our deepest insecurities come from places of brokenness! We cover up our scars, our stretch marks, our feelings and our hearts, in fear of being judged. We see appearance flaws as reasons why we aren’t beautiful or comparable. We cover up our feelings and our hearts to keep from being broken again. How do we grow from that though? How do we give love? How do we accept love? Most importantly, how do we love ourselves?

I have a noticeable scar under my nose that I’ve had since I was about 9 years old, from falling off my bike. My weight has been a constant up and down my entire life, so I have more stretch marks than I would like. I know all about being insecure when it comes to appearance. Having a scar on my face used to make me feel like I was less than. It’s a place of brokenness for me. I felt I had to wear certain make up or dress a certain way to be seen. My weight has always been a sore spot. I used to feel insecure in a bathing suit or in summer clothes and barely looked at myself without clothes at all!

Finding acceptance within myself and what made me, me, is what I had to do to gain my confidence. My scars, my stretch marks, they are apart of my story. I found strength in that, which led me to me finding beauty within myself.

As women, we most of the time get the shit end of the stick, when it comes to feelings and our hearts. Then, we are judged when we are bitches. But do we continue being the way people made us, and use constant hurt as an excuse? Or do we push through that? Those broken feelings, those broken hearts, they are invisible scars. Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there and definitely doesn’t mean we can’t feel them.

We are all broken in some way, over something, the key is to not get lost in it. We aren’t going to wake up tomorrow confident in our brokenness. Piece by piece we gotta put ourselves back together. Knowing that scar, that stretch mark, yes everyone can see it, but nobody can make you feel inferior of your own story. Remember that. Flaws make us unique. Uniqueness is what makes us beautiful.

Repairing our hearts and allowing ourselves to have feelings can de difficult. That type of brokenness takes time to heal. Remembering that it’s ok to feel hurt, but it’s also ok to come out of it. Each time we put a piece back together we get to know that side of ourselves again. We discover what love means to us and we are able to recognize when someone really wants to give it. That allows for growth and strength. That is beauty.

You don’t have to be vulnerable with the world, but you owe it to you, to be vulnerable with yourself. This week I challenge you to put back the pieces (we all have a few we haven’t dealt with yet). Learn to look through your brokenness, see your strength, see the beauty in you! We deserve to love ourselves, we deserve to be secure and we deserve to be beautiful, even if we are all, in some way broken! THERE SHE GO!

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