Laugh More!

We are always talking about ways we could be better! Picking ourselves apart! I think this week it’s important to remember laughter and fun!

You know that feeling you get when you are out with your friends or family, laughing, sharing stories! We forget about anything that’s been troubling us. It’s almost like a sense of healing! It reminds us of the rainbow after every storm.

I know after a hard week, I can always vent to my friends and they always make me find something to laugh about. I cherish that! Or I come home to my family and they make me laugh at something random, it makes those bad day feelings go away.

Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time! It doesn’t always have to be about learning to love the things u don’t like about yourself. The journey is also about loving the things you already like about yourself. It’s about loving the people you already love and that love you!

Surround yourself with people, this week especially, that make you smile, that make you laugh, that make you forget about life’s troubles! Take a mental break from being hard on yourself!

Learning to find balance is hard when you have so many responsibilities; I’m still learning myself! This week I challenge you to laugh more! Find a reason to smile as you get through your challenges this week! Bring laughter to someone else who you may know that needs it! Life is so short, so let’s not forget to have a good time with good people. After all they say laughter is the best medicine! THERE SHE GO!

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