Woman vs Woman

At some point, knowingly or unknowingly, we have all hurt another woman over someone we thought was worth it. Hell, myself included! And I think it’s important that we as women come together on this issue. Instead of trying to have an underlying competition over someone who is playing everyone in the situation, including their self. This subject always raises a lot of opinions on both sides but I’m here for the facts and guess what ladies. The truth hurts!

“Oh she dumb!” I think that’s my least favorite description when I hear WOMEN talking about another woman getting cheated on. When ironically, I’ve never met a woman who’s never been cheated on by somebody. Remember that hurt you felt…why would you place or condone that hurt on someone else? Not only that, do you want to spend the rest of your life, being the unknown, forgot about, after the fact…..now that’s dumb! Think about it!

We also have to think about what it is we deserve. On both sides. We all deserve a love that doesn’t have to be questioned. No love is perfect, but it shouldn’t require you to feel insecure. We become insecure about everything and to me, that’s the saddest part, that I have experienced and witnessed. There’s no lower feeling than not feeling good enough. And if you’re in the shadow you will always feel that way. If you’re the woman getting cheated on, you will forever carry that insecurity, even in another relationship. Forever Insecure.

THAT PAIN THO….makes us get out of character. Women fight, lose focus, forget about everything except that other woman. We forget all about the asshole laying next to us, the root of the problem. We go to social media (where some of us have talent and professions) and let people who barely know us see a side of us they should never see. We lose our composure and people begin to lose respect for our talents and professions. Which is what hurts our respect as women. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Our greatest weakness as women is how we treat each other. The Lifelong challenge is if you know somebody has a woman, don’t disrespect yourself or that woman. Simple. We can’t change what has already happened but we can choose to grow moving forward. Instead of hating each other over men, lets get smarter together because of men. Let’s stop judging each other when it comes to matters of the heart and let’s get the hell real with our own shit if necessary. Most importantly put yourself in another woman’s shoes. Decide to create good karma for yourself when it comes to love. You deserve that. Choose to uplift and stand for another woman. Choose to be the change. THERE SHE GO!

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