On Wednesday’s we highlightHER 👑

This week we are highlighting the beautiful, Kenisha Fletcher. I met Kenisha a few years ago, as we are both in the financial field. She has an aura of positivity that I admire and always has a kind word for anyone that crosses her path. She always stood out to me, with a smile that would brighten anyone’s day. It wasn’t until later, after I met her, that I learned of her having multiple health issues. I used to ask myself, how can someone be so sweet, after going through so much! Kenisha represents the true meaning behind positive energy. I appreciate her telling TSG! how she does it, in hopes that the next woman will know it’s ok to smile through the pain. THERE SHE GO!

“Im a Wife, Mother of 2 boys (14 & 7years old), Full Time Employee; all while being an entrepreneur of my own photography business and online store. Looking at me you may not know that I suffer from 2 Chronic Illnesses, among other health issues, on a daily basis. Dealing with Fibromyalgia, Chrons Disease, High Gluten Sensitivity, Facet Joint Osteoarthritis & Anxiety is definitely a task within itself. Doing all this medication free and only relying on natural alternatives for the last 2yrs.

My family ( husband & sons ) are my backbone in all my endevours to bring positive vibes and positivity around me. I run a chronically ill community of over 20K, to bring awareness to Fibromyalgia and uplift those who feel alone. (IG @fibromyalgiaawareness). Recently I got the Mayor of The City of Salisbury to Proclaim May 12th 2019 “Fibromyalgia Awareness Day”. ( my 1st proclamation ) The City of Fruitland displayed their support on May 12th 2019 for me as well. I was also a Honoree for the Arthritis Foundation Walk at the National Harbor recently, where I was asked to bring my positive vibes.

Now imagine doing all those things and more…dealing with excruciating pain 24/7 from head to toe. With no cure and no medication. How do I do it. I just do.. I put a smile on my face and press on. There is no need to mope in my own sorrows. So fun..it…is.. The pain is gonna be there regardless. Why miss countless memories I will never get back by letting my health control me.

Dealing with invisible illnesses is extremely complicated. Fibromyalgia in itself, is torture. From head to toe it feels like the flu on steroids x 10 all day everyday. Chrons Disease feels like a stomach virus x 10 with a baby alien brewing trying to escape. Fibromyalgia heightens all the Chrons symptoms. Fibromyalgia stems from the Central Nervous System, so my entire body is out of wack.

But nothing will stop me from ever being the best I can be…

Lover of Memories

Pushing With Purpose

Always stay encouraged and remember #PositivityMatters”


6 thoughts on “HighlightHER™️”

  1. I am so very proud of you and everything you have accomplished. I’ve seen you at your best and unfortunately here at your worse. You are a very positive role model as a Mother & Wife and those in your community. Positivity does change the world and you are in the midst of doing this yourself. 💜

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