Letting Go to Move Forward!

If there was a billboard for “holding on,” my face would be on it. I used to hold grudges (with others but more so with myself) so deep, that I ended up losing sight of who I was and growing to be. We get so used to our behaviors, fears, struggles and habits, that we begin to let them define us rather than just being a piece of our story. Sometimes, like myself, we just try to block certain things out and act like they never happened. I’ve learned that’s so unhealthy. You can both accept your past and let it go. Accept Your Past.

There are some of us women who have been through traumatic pasts. It’s okay to cry about it, to be angry about it, to let it change you! What’s most important to remember is that you survived! We are all survivors in some way and we shouldn’t judge. We all have experienced some type of failure that prevents us from reaching a goal. We have all gotten through something that changed us. We should respect each other as such. We all should know how well women can endure pain! You survived!

At the end of the day we have 2 choices; we can get up everyday and have a pity party for ourselves, or we can get up and take the steps we need to heal. Healing was so hard for me. It made me have to look at the ugly I saw in myself and the things that I’ve been through. That can be hard to admit. But the more I accepted and forgave myself and the people who hurt me, the more free I became. Realizing that I can’t hold on to things I can’t change. It’s how I choose to get up everyday and handle it that defines me. Letting go was the best thing I ever did for my mental health and my future. Let Go.

When we hold on, we are literally weighted down. Letting go frees us of that feeling. It allows us to begin to get to know ourselves again. We are able to build on things we like to do. Help another woman. We have the confidence that because we have gotten through our pasts, we can get through any challenges our future presents. Focus Forward.

This week I invite you to my daily challenge. Getting up everyday and choosing to look forward. Choosing not to be held down by anything that has already happened. Knowing that you deserve to grow. Choosing how you will define yourself. Its not easy and some truths will get ugly, especially if you are being real with yourself. Accept. Remember you survived. Let go. Focus Forward. To our future Ladies. THERE SHE GO!

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