Breathe. Hustle. Be Patient. Be Bold.

I can be the first one to tell you about frustration when it comes to being stagnant. I’ve learned, that frustration, was just the example of impatience. We all want to see immediate results, don’t we ladies? lol. Whether it’s our diets or our goals, when we don’t see results, we start being all over the place trying to see it. Instead of, focusing from the beginning. We have to allow ourselves to be planted in order to grow. 10 toes down.

You could be in school, in your career, busting your ass working multiple jobs or hell doing all 3, and the constant routine makes you feel like it’s never going to end or you’re not getting anywhere. Your goals feel like their getting further from your reach. We all have been there. The first step is to BREATHE. Remember that wherever you are, you can handle this!BREATHE!

Set your plan and don’t underestimate the power of putting it in writing. Give your all in everything you do. Allow yourself to learn and accept criticism. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. We can still think highly of ourselves and accept we have room to grow. Growth doesn’t discriminate based on your level of life. Read more. Put yourself in a position to gain more knowledge in your goals. The more you know, the better you can set your plan to get there. If you feel like you’re in a dead end career, use your time to learn about resumes and how to better yours to apply for jobs that better fit your goals. Show up for yourself. Nourish yourself. HUSTLE.

It’s important to remember that you are not always going to see immediate results and that doesn’t mean to stop the hustle. A plant doesn’t grow immediately. It takes a lot of water and sunlight for it even to sprout through the soil, let alone begin to grow to its peak. We should think the same of ourselves. We can’t stop nurturing ourselves to reach our goals and we also can’t jump back and forth from plan to plan. Be still. Be patient and the work will pay off; whether it’s graduating, getting a new job or starting your own business. BE PATIENT.

Go above and beyond for yourself and your goals! Read that extra chapter, stay that extra hour, get that certification or even pay for that tutor, that trademark! Stand out in everything you do goal-related. Separate yourself. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable and challenged. True growth comes from times of challenge. Prove to yourself, what you already know, that you were built for this. BE BOLD.

I know too often I wanted to give up, when I wasn’t seeing results and I know I’m not alone. Then I realized I would just be giving up on myself. I’ve experienced not being in the present. Being so far in the future of multiple plans forgetting what I’m supposed to be learning TODAY to get there. So this week I challenge you to look around at your surroundings and match them with your goals. Take the necessary steps to nourish yourself to grow to those goals. Be willing to learn lessons and be challenged and never ever give up! Breathe. Hustle. Be Patient. Be Bold. THERE SHE GO!

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