I would like to wish the women of TSG! a Happy Mother’s Day! 💜

Let’s be kind today as there are some women who wish to be mothers who cant conceive. There are some women who have lost their mothers. There are some women who have lost their children. There are mothers who have strained relationships with their children and vice versa. Be the reason they may smile today.

Being a mother is no easy task, hell it doesn’t come with a handbook. We mother from our heart and from our own experiences, which are unique to all women. Everyone’s parenting style is different and there is no such thing as perfection. As long as we are showing our children love and growing with them, we are building moments they will always remember. I’m a firm believer that our greatest accomplishment in life is what we leave behind. The values, the memories, the words, the legacy that will live on far beyond us. How many of us still tell our children things our grandmothers said to us? My favorite one “if you can huh, you can hear.” Lol. That’s apart of a legacy.

Isn’t it funny when we first become moms we have all these plans of what we are gonna teach them and how things are gonna go, but in the end it is what our children teach us. They teach us to love, to forgive, to get up when we don’t want to, to push forward. To me, that is the greatest joy of motherhood. I’m better because of my children!

Celebrate yourself today! Relax and be in the moment of the appreciation you receive. Hug your children, mothers and family. Send love to a woman you may know, that needs it today! And in the words of Tupac “since we all came from a woman, Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman…….It’s Time to heal our women, be real to our women” And that starts with us, as women and as mothers!


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