You are Enough!

We all go through things that make us feel like we aren’t good enough! Whether it be that promotion you just can’t seem to get. That relationship, or lack there of, that makes you question everything good about yourself. It’s a form of acceptance that we as women, too often forget, that we DON’T need. Remember who you are.

It’s natural for us to criticize ourselves when things don’t go how we have planned. Or when we have worked so hard for something and have gotten so close to reach it and have still fallen short, especially in our careers. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t enough, hell we may be too much! For most of us, we are our own worst critic. But when looking inside ourselves please remember that we are already whole. We should not look at ourselves as if we are missing something, when we have all the tools we need to receive everything that is meant for us. And sometimes what is meant for us means we still have some growing to do. We have to revamp or allow ourselves to grow. For example, if you were to put a plant in a bigger pot, it wasn’t missing a thing, the same roots and nutrition go in the bigger pot, it just needed more room to grow. Let’s apply that to our lives. Be whole while leaving yourself room to grow.

If you are in a relationship and you feel like no matter what you do, it’s not good enough. I’d ask you to re-evaluate that relationship. Whether it be a spouse or a friendship, no one should have that power over you! Being around people who don’t celebrate and empower you will alter your mental health, which leads to not feeling good enough. Be around people where your opinion matters, your successes matter and more importantly YOU matter. Sometimes we fight so hard for a relationship, to prove that we are good enough, and we stop using those tools that were given to us and we miss or overlook what is meant for us! (READ THAT BACK) There’s nothing wrong with fighting for your relationships but remember to fight for them as a whole, not as a missing piece. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a relationship, searching for one, but you’re not searching for your other half, you are searching for your equal whole. Equally yolked. (READ THAT BACK). You are Enough.

This week I challenge you to look in the mirror everyday and literally say out loud “I AM ENOUGH”. It’s amazing what self reassurance can do. Revamp, replant your self. Remove yourself if necessary. This journey is about you! Selfish…No! Because remember we can’t pour from an empty cup. Utilize the tools that you have, to go out here and be everything you promised yourself you would be. Work on the power of patience to wait for anything that’s yours that hasn’t reached you yet. And most importantly remember that you are already whole! Nobody can give you what you are missing, only you can give that to yourself. I am enough. You are enough. THERE SHE GO!

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