Healthy is not a size, its a lifestyle!

The weather is starting to get warmer, and I love to see all kinds of women in the produce department, at the gym and tracking their progress. Watching your body transform has to be one of the most humbling, yet empowering experiences. And everyone knows maintaining that healthy lifestyle has to be one of the hardest things we commit to.

The most important thing to remember is “skinny” doesn’t mean healthy. Everyone’s body is different and food reacts uniquely to all of our bodies. But that doesn’t mean we still don’t have a little jealousy of all you women who can eat whatever you want without gaining an inch or a pound. Lol! For a lot of us, we start to gain weight just looking at our favorite foods. Lol. But that’s the thing, a true healthy lifestyle allows us to create a balance between what we need and what we want. Creating a balanced lifestyle.

Let’s be honest, because I’ve done it myself, we create a diet, we set a weight goal and once we reach it or close to it, we forget everything we did to get there. Then before you know it, we are back it again, setting new goals, new diets and it becomes a recycled failure (yup i said it). Instead of really getting to know our bodies: What causes us to bloat, what gives us headaches or acne, what decreases our energy, what raises our blood pressure and so on. Body Awareness.

Once we are “in tune” with our bodies it becomes easier for us to create a healthier lifestyle. In my case it has been coming to grips with having a Pepsi once a week instead of everyday like I was used to. I mean let’s be real Water is not better than Pepsi but it’s better for you. It’s meant replacing a lot of things that I like with the things I need. And although I’ve been smaller, as far as getting all my nutrients, this is the healthiest I’ve ever been. Discipline.

Exercise!!!! When it comes to exercise we got every excuse don’t we? We don’t have time, we can’t afford the gym, we don’t know what we need to be doing. U name it, we’ve heard it or have been guilty of saying it. So I had to ask myself, with all the excuses, is this something you really want? When it came to eating all those fried foods and sweet treats did I make up a million excuses on why I shouldn’t, and if I did, did it stop me from eating them…No! That’s how we got here in the first place! So let’s cut the excuses!! And even if it’s for 20 minutes 3 times out of the week, that’s still an hour more than last week! In this era of social media, I feel the knowledge is endless on different types of exercises for all body types! I also think when I exercise, I feel better, I have more energy overall. I’m still not a size 2, but I can run a mile quicker than I could a year ago and I can squat 70 more pounds than I could last year. Self Comparison Only.

We as women are under so much pressure to look a certain way, when in reality our bodies, our looks, is what separates us; it’s what makes us unique, it’s how we learn to love our own beauty while appreciating the beauty in others. Let’s not be consumed with the idea of a perfect body when your body is already perfect for you. This assumption makes us feel like we shouldn’t eat at all, which isn’t healthy or we become so depressed that we overeat, which also isn’t healthy. Your body may just need some real nutrients and real exercise for you to appreciate it! Your body may just need a lifestyle change and we aren’t getting any younger, so why not start today!

This week I challenge you to stop trying to get skinny, and start trying to get healthy. Create a lifestyle of eating that works for you! Get to know your body and how it reacts to certain foods and begin a lifestyle of balance. Make time to exercise! Use your resources! Be disciplined! This challenge won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Picture all the new energy you will have and how much better you will feel! This is your body, love it and nourish it without putting pressure on it! THERE SHE GO!

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