Rock Bottom = Rebuild!

I know we have discussed a lot of positivity thus far. And a positive mind frame is imperative to a healthier lifestyle. But let’s be real (which I promised to be), sometimes it feels like the world is coming down on us. No matter which direction we turn, no matter how positive we might be, we hit rock bottom, with our emotions, our finances, our relationships and even our habits. Our Absolute Lowest.

Rock bottom may look different to all of us, but it feels the same. It’s a rut that is so hard to climb out of. We feel hopeless, we look at everything we aren’t able to do or how far we have to go, to get to where we think we will feel whole again. For a lot of us, it’s hard to accept that we are in the negative space to begin with. Accept the Bad with the Good.

Accepting yourself at rock bottom is the first step to rebuilding. Understanding that the Good and the Bad are apart of life, is how we overcome life’s deepest hurts. After all, if only good things happened to us, what would we really learn? The best lessons are taught at rock bottom.

This topic means so much to me personally because I know what it’s like to have to pick yourself up and get out of your own way. The hardest person I ever had to face was myself. Accepting that I wasn’t in a good space and setting small goals to get out of the rut. Whether it be some type of communication, allowing myself to open up, paying off one small bill, having that hard convo within my relationship, forgiving myself. These are small steps that make huge impacts. These are small steps that allowed me to rebuild myself from the ground up. Rebuilding.

And let’s be honest some of us can’t do it alone! And that’s okay too! I highly recommend seeing a therapist and if that’s too huge of a first step, start by surrounding yourself with people who care about your well being. True rebuilding requires sacrifice. Being around people who constantly gossip when you need advice on how to get out of this financial rut is not what you need. Being around people who want to be all in your business but never once ask are you ok is not the help you need to reach your emotions. I think you get the hint here! Sacrifice.

Setting small steps to reach a bigger goal allows you to enjoy the journey of accomplishment. Joy or happiness or the feeling of being “whole” isn’t found in a destination, it’s found in the true acceptance of your journey! And hitting rock bottom is a great foundation to restart and rebuild YOUR journey. You can’t fear yourself, you can’t fear life and you can’t fear negativity. You have to learn what works for you so that as you rebuild, and negativity comes (and it will), you will know how to handle it this time. You will remember what being low taught you and how not to go back that low again. As the quote says “the best lessons are taught at rock bottom, not at the mountain tops”

If you are feeling trapped by negativity, I challenge you to first accept that. Then make small steps to slowly get out of that rut. Surround yourself with genuine, real people. Accept your journey and even if an accomplishment seems small to someone else, it won’t feel like that to you and your people. Remember that. I challenge you all to accept the lessons that come with rock bottom and know that feeling whole within your journey is the real key to happiness! THERE SHE GO!

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