Stillness. Kindness. Warmness.

We have discussed many topics on things us women need to change, but most times, being still, being kind is all the world really needs. It’s all we really need. Warmness.

We can be so subjective of ourselves. And even though growth and change are mandatory. Small steps in kindness and warmness can be the beginning steps of something bigger. Baby Steps.

Being still is often underrated. Maintaining where we have worked so hard to get, To only desire more right? I know I have been so guilty of this. Instead of learning and enjoying the journey of maintaining, and fully preparing ourselves for the next step. We over exhaust ourselves, which takes the fire out of souls. Stillness.

In an effort to grow and change at an accelerated pace, we overlook things, we overlook people. We become irritated by anyone who gets in our way instead of stopping. Having that conversation. Noticing people. Being Kind. Not knowing if that conversation is the game changer you needed. That person you noticed could be the recommendation your business needed. Or that random act of kindness could touch your soul in a way it never has been. Kindness.

This week I challenge you to be to be kind. To be still. To be warm. Stop 🛑. Enjoy this exact moment. U won’t get it again! THERE SHE GO!

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