Reaching Out OVER Matching Energy!

This week is gonna get real ladies!!

Aren’t we all busy? Trying to make something better of ourselves? Whether it be working our asses off, studying our asses off, being moms, running our kids all over hell and creation, just living our lives to the best of our ability; we are busy! Then on top of all of that we have to deal with friends or family thinking we are acting different or being distant, so in return they begin acting funny until nobody is talking. Matching Energy.

We are all guilty of assuming someone has an issue because we haven’t talked to them in a while, especially in friendships. And far too often I hear women putting down the next woman because they are bettering themselves and that might come with a sacrifice of their social life. (“Oh she act like she don’t know nobody no more”) The audacity. The nerve of us. We preach we want women to be empowered and the second they are, we are throwing shade. (We love to throw shade don’t we ladies). And we Matching Energy based on nothing more than our own insecurities. Check Yourself.

With the world heavy on our hearts in these times, I think it’s important to also remember that you never know what a person is going through. We as women know we will put on a face and shut the world out, all at the same time, to avoid looking weak or being judged. Sometimes all we need is a real friend. A word of reassurance. A word of inspiration. Reach Out!

I read a quote on twitter and it said “Don’t Match energy, maintain yours so you can attract what aligns.” Think about it.

I’m a firm believer in you get what you give. If you feel the vibe is off with a friendship, say something. Maybe nothing is off, maybe it’s just our own insecurities talking to us. But maybe it’s the reach out a person needs. Either way it prevents us from throwing shade (which dilutes our substance) or being distant to a person who may need us.

We as women have to be better in aspects like these! We will never be able to fully come together and change the world’s respect for us if we don’t change how we respect each other! This weeks challenge is to Reach Out to a woman you haven’t spoken to in a while. Friend. Family. Reach Out! Show some love. Show some support. Be the example. Do your part! You never know who you may be helping! THERE SHE GO!

6 thoughts on “Reaching Out OVER Matching Energy!”

  1. I needed this today. It will make me a better person. And better yet to those friends who I haven’t reached out to in a while. I know they say it’s a one way street, but I call it a dual highway. I’m gonna do my part to make me better, and that’s a start. Xoxo must love💋

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  2. My circumference…sums me up all the way around. I am guilty of all aspects but never feel the need to explain. I’m learning to realize it is indeed warranted because everyone has the same life changes with different circumstances at least once in our lives. Thank you ❤️

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  3. As usual, you amaze me my child….
    A real friend is hard to come by…..personally I have a hard time letting people in my space for fear of being hurt or rejected…this comes from years of being judged for my lifestyle choices….sometimes my phone doesn’t ring for days, but I don’t let it get to me any more….as you get older, life changes, needs and wants change, companionship changes….I am learning who I am now, as a mature woman..I have been Mom, lover, employee, etc. For so long I am trying to find Cathy. During my evolution, I will “Reach Out”…..

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