Just Because She’s Winning Doesn’t Mean You Are Losing

In this era social media creates a constant competition between everyone, especially us women. Playing on our insecurities (Yes I went there), we begin comparing and end up slighting another woman who more than likely didn’t deserve it.

Women are naturally competitive and from my experience even more so than men, but why must we be competitive amongst each other? Now if you are trying to play some spades or uno or want to have a cook off, I’ll be ready to bust some ass. Lol. But I’m not referring to that type of competition.

I’m talking about when you can’t praise one woman without belittling another. I’m talking about not being able to look at another woman’s accomplishments without discrediting yourself or that woman. Insecurity. As much as we like to think with this “positive energy” and “self-love” trend that we all think so highly of ourselves. We all know that’s a bunch of bullshit (promised to keep it real). You can spread positivity to others and still go home and not like yourself. You can preach self love but do nothing at all to help yourself grow out of old habits. Women can graduate college and have babies and still deal with depression. Are you seeing how much we are all so much alike?

Social media allows us to see the surface of ones life. Hell we have all looked at someone’s pics, zoomed in, screenshot, laughed with our friends to prove to nobody but ourselves that they don’t deserve the life they are living, the clothes they are wearing. Etc. Comparison

Seeing another woman at the surface winning doesn’t mean you are losing or that you are less than.

You winning doesn’t mean you have the right to make anyone feel as though they are less than. Or pry on another woman’s insecurity to make yourself feel better.

I challenge you to bring up a win for a woman you and your group of friends know. Really hear the responses. Is another woman’s win who may seem greater brought up? Is another woman’s loss brought up? How many are genuinely happy? I challenge you to change the conversation amongst women about women. I challenge you to lead because that’s the only way we can come back TOGETHER AS WOMEN instead of the constant comparisons. It could start with anybody. Why not you? THERE SHE GO!

10 thoughts on “Just Because She’s Winning Doesn’t Mean You Are Losing”

  1. This speaks directly to my heart. I’ve never had many people (women) say to me… “good job” or “proud of you”. BUT very quick to discredit when I’ve not done what they’ve wanted me to do. So, as a woman raising young ladies, I have vowed to myself to show them just how women should treat one another… This blog is awesome! Ladies, we have got to do better!! Everyone is trying to get to the top so let’s build a stairway for each other and share things so we all can get there together!!! I see you…. There She Go!!!

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  2. This is very true!! Women are quick to think they’re behind in life (marriage, kids, career) because they see someone else that’s already accomplished it. We have to build each other up and help that sistah/friend get to where they need to be versus competing with them or hating on them!! All facts sis!! #TSG

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  3. We, the women….
    Should encourage each other in all the aspects of our lives…be a positive force for someone daily…have sex appeal without sacrificing dignity…be a statement each and every time you are seen….and most of all, be a real friend.

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